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EFFENDI, a useful ‘meme’ to characterize how the Globo-Homo Judeo-Nazi Imperialists regard most of Mankind: Jews are the Master Race and Non-Jews are either comprador-cuck-collaborators or helot-servants who exist to obey and work for Jews. In other words, Welcome to Weasel Farm

Sitting like Effendis. It's Good to be the Effendi.
There was a certain famous rabbi in Israel. When he died, there was the largest funeral in Israeli history. His name was Ovadia Yosef, and his words were as follows:

"Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

"Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat," he said to some laughter.

"With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi, who recently turned 90.

Imagine. Israel gave this man the biggest funeral ever. This man looked upon your goy self as a subhuman donkey-servant of Jews. He looked upon your parents and grandparents as donkey-servants of Jews. And your children and grandchildren are also to be donkey-servants of Jews. This was not just a fringe figure but a major spiritual leader of Israel, and so many Jews admired and revered him. He got a funeral in Israel comparable to the funeral Gandhi got in India.

So many Jews agree with the Rabbi’s statements, but we, as donkey-servants of Jews, are supposed to hail Israel, pour billions into Israel, fight Wars for Israel(in which tens of thousands of Americans got killed or wounded and where hundreds of thousands of Arabs/Muslims got killed while millions more got displaced as refugees), and repeat over and over, "Israel is our greatest ally". How about "Israel is our biggest master"? How about "The Empire of Judea(or EOJ) is our biggest boss"? US politicians praise Israel like prostitutes serve their pimps.

Recently, an Israeli politician said the following:

“You can’t fool the Jews, no matter what the media writes. The public in Israel is a public that belongs to the Jewish race, and the entire Jewish race is the highest human capital, the smartest, the most comprehending.”

Well, if it takes special smarts(preferably of the Jewish kind) not to be fooled by the news, then most people(being dumb goyim) must be duped by the news 24/7, not least because most of media is owned or operated by Jews who, being so smart, must be the best liars as well as the best lie-detectors.

Now, the problem isn’t Jewish identity, Jewish nationalism, or Jewish sense of interests. All people have them. Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Russians, Chinese, Mexicans, Persians, Kurds, and so on and on. Every group has its own thing. So, if Jews mainly care about Jewish power, Jewish interests, and Jewish narrative, that’s all well and good. The problem is in how Jews see OTHER peoples. While Greeks may be for Greeks-First, they don’t believe Greeks are BETTER than other peoples or that other peoples exist as donkeys to offer free rides to Greek masters. Greek view is "Greeks look out for Greek interests, Turks look out for Turkish interests, Italians look out for Italian interests, and etc." (Of course, we are talking of Greek patriots, not Greek-Cucks or Grucks who suck up to Judeo-Nazi Globo-Homo Nonsense.) But Jews aren’t content to have their own domain, do their own thing, and leave other peoples alone. Along with homos and blacks, Jews have this crazy idea that the whole world exists to serve, honor, revere, and put out to them. Homos believe all the world should worship Homomania, put on massive ‘pride’(more like poo-ride) parades, associate the rainbow with homo fecal penetration & tranny penis-cutting, and look upon homos as angels. Black megalomania judges worth by muscle, booty, dong, and hollering. Because blacks got most muscle to run fastest and hit hardest, got biggest dongs and bounciest booties, and loudest voices, blacks see themselves as the globo-master-race. They believe they are above-the-law and beyond-the-norms of any ‘lame’ and ‘faggoty-ass’ civilization. They believe that they, as cool badass mofos, have the right to invade any nation, take over, holler ‘Where the ____ women at?’, and loot & steal. They believe they have the right to sexually colonize wombs all over the world. The current African invasion of Europe is Simon-Mol-ism on a grand scale. Tragically, it is welcomed by the very elites of Europe whose demented vision is for their daughters and granddaughters to be humped by African Sea Peoples(or Sea Monkeys). And it’s spread to Japan too where lots of yellow women are going to Jamaica to have kids with Negroes and raise them in Japan to beat up inferior Japanese athletes. The Japanese intellectual and cultural elites now promote Jungaru Feebah. Polls show that 50% of Japanese men will die without ever having sex, and future Japanese women will have kids with foreigners, and Japan will eventually look like Venezuela. But homos and blacks are amateurs when compared with Jews. While homos are now very powerful, Homomania owes much to Jewish backing. Without Jewish control of media, finance, and deep state, homos could not have gotten so far. Blacks also depend on Jewish money and media for the spread of Afromania. After all, sports industry, music industry, pornography, and PC(that ‘iconizes’ Negroes as a holy race) are all owned by Jews. Also, even though the Negro threat(especially on the EU) is grave, Negro power exist at the most primitive level. It’s ‘muh dick’, ‘muh fist’, ‘muh booty’, and ‘muh holler’. It’s like those BLM protests where a lot of noise is made over little sense. It’s no wonder that some people call black women ‘sheboons’ and characterize black chaos as ‘chimp-outs’.

In contrast, Jews have the ultimate power because they control finance(money is the water of the world economy), legal firms and institutions, the elite academia(that pretty much controls all other academia via trickle-down-effect), mass media, vice industries(like gambling that pour tens of billions into Jewish coffers), real estate, intelligence services, and Deep State. Now, that is power. Therefore, while there are limits to the reach of Homomania and Afromania, Jewish megalomania can really turn the world upside down. It is the king of kings when it comes to world power. So, if Jews want to turn the world economy into a speculative bubble in which Jews rake in most profits, it’s a done deal. If Jews want to destroy a nation with economic sanctions and harm millions(and even kill 100,000s), it’s a done deal too. If Jews want to foment wars, they can use whore-politicians of both parties. Clinton served Jews in destroying Iraq and Serbia. Bush served Jews in invading Iraq. Obama demolished Libya, used terror to destroy Syria, and worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to mess up that country. Why? Obama owed his presidency to the Jews who funded him and gave him good press in the Jew-run Media. Out of office, Obama was offered a $60 million book deal by the Jews. Because Jews control the US and because the economies of so many nations are interdependent on the US, Jews can threaten them with economic ruin UNLESS they sign onto certain agreements, conform to US sanctions on Iran, mute their criticism of Israeli Judeo-Nazism, and open their cities to massive homo ‘pride’ parades. Also, because all elite universities in the US are controlled by Jews, students from all over the world who attend Harvard, Yale, and such institutions totally come under the influence of Jewish globo-homo overlords. This is why so many Hindu and Mexican elites sound just like Harvard Jewish elites. And of course, due to the Cult of Shoah, several generations of Europeans grew up with the idea that Jews are a wise, holy, noble, and tragic people. Therefore, European elites swallow Jewish ideas and agenda whole hog without skepticism and criticism. This is why so many Swedes took advice from vile and venal Jewish bitches like Barbara Specter who pretends to care for what is good for Europe but is really pushing ‘multi-culturalism’ into Europe so that Jews can use divide-and-rule to take over and rule.

Only idiots trust Jews who claim to have the best interests of goyim in mind. Just look at the history of Jews. Or JATE or Just Ask the Palestinians. When have Jews acted in favor of goyim?
Now, Jews will sometimes do things that are good for some goyim at the expense of other goyim, but it is only to serve the ultimate Jewish-supremacist strategy. Jews have a prophetic vision of history. They look far and wide, then ask themselves, "Who is our biggest enemy?" Once that main enemy or rival is identified, Jews will do anything possible to harm and destroy that Goy Enemy. The problem is Jews cannot do it alone. After all, Jews make up only a small percentage of the world population. So, Jews need goy allies to join in the Jewish Agenda of destroying the #1 Enemy. Now, this is Political Strategy 101(practiced by all peoples), but Jews use it on the grandest scale possible to gain total hegemony over the world. Jews see the whole world like a chessboard in which they and only they must win in the end. For this reason, Jews never wage war on ALL goyim even though the Jewish Agenda will, in the end, harm and subjugate all goyim. Jews work step-by-step, benefiting one bunch of goyim while hurting other goyim, namely the Big Bad Goy, the main enemy. This is why Jews have so many goy allies even though the Jewish Way is ultimately anti-all-goy. In order for Jews to weaken and bring down White Power(currently regarded by Jews as the Main Rival to Jewish Power), Jews need the support of non-white goyim. And non-white goyim often take the bait because siding with Jews comes with irresistible short-term rewards. After all, non-whites have much to gain in the short-term by gaining access to the West. By working with Jews to push mass-multi-colonization of the White World, so many non-whites in Africa, India, China, Mexico, Central America, Muslim world, and etc. get to enjoy insta-improvement in material conditions in the White-made World.

Now, Jews despise non-white goyim too, and non-white goyim don’t particularly care for Jews. But they work together because both want something from whites. Jews want permanent White Submissivism because if White Identity and Interests were to reassert themselves as a consciousness and movement, they can challenge Jewish Globalist Supremacism. And non-whites want to live in richer, nicer, cleaner, and better-run white nations than in their own nations overrun with corruption, violence, incivility, pollution, and/or ugliness. And all those black Africans come to EU yelling, "Where da white women at?" Back in Africa, they’ve seen all these movies, TV shows, music videos, sports, and pornography that shows cuckish white men and jungle-fevered white women hankering for more sex with Negroes. Even black homos head off to EU because white homos like Andrew Sullivan and Milo have told the world, "My homo anus prefers Negro dongs." Imagine you’re a Negro in some African ‘shithole’, and your computer or smartphone device tells you white folks in the West worship MLK & Mandela, made Obama the president, worship Negroes as holy, and are crazy about jungle fever. Would your black ass, straight or homo, want to head off to Paris or London as fast as possible to get some action? Hell yeah. Joe Buck was just one Midnight Cowboy. Now, we have millions of Midnight Spearchuckers heading to Europe. Europe used to be blessed vis-a-vis the US because it didn’t have blacks. Whatever problems European nations had, they didn’t have black crime and pathologies, the worst things in the world. But because Europeans got infected with both ‘white guilt’ and jungle fever for blacks, they decided to turn Europe into Eurafrica.

But it’s not just black goyim who ally with Jews. Chinese, Hindus, Mexicans, and even freaking Muslims are allied with Jews because they want one thing: Access to white world. Now, Jews don’t love these goyim any more than they love white goyim. In many ways, Jews prefer whites to non-whites. After all, Jewish immigration patterns have always shown preference for white nations. Even in Africa, most Jews settled in white-ruled South Africa. Inside the US, Jews prefer to live in white neighborhoods and generally avoid communities with too much color, especially black(though Jewish women, now seriously infected with Jungle Fever, look for black men to have sex with, and THAT may bring down Jewish Power more than anything... which is why Israel is most nervous about arrival of more blacks; Jewish men know the spastic & vulgar nature of Jewish women, and that means ‘too many’ blacks in Israel will mean ACOJW or Afro-Colonization-of-Jewish-Wombs). So, there is no special love that Jews have for non-whites. Jews just need them as political allies. Even though Jews prefer white nations, they want to destroy white majority power so that whites won’t be able to unite to challenge Jewish power. After Trump won, Jews even made a big fuss about how much they care about Muslims. Imagine that. Jews, whose foreign policy has destroyed millions of Muslim lives, claimed to protect poor Muslims from Nazi Trump. Even as Jews were pressing on Trump to be more aggressive in the Middle East and destroy yet more Muslim lives for the sake of Israel, they were shedding crocodile tears over Muslims in America. Jews were moaning, "Boo hoo, we care sooooo much about Muslim refugees" while totally overlooking the fact that all those refugees are the result of Wars for Israel promoted by Jews. What a vile and venal people.
But the truly perverse thing is many Muslims formed an alliance with Jews because their #1 priority was gaining access to the West for material improvement. It just goes to show that most people will take the thirty pieces of silver than stick with truth or principle. But we must keep in mind that Jews do NOT like people-of-color even though they pretend to in the name of 'muh Diversity'. Ultimately, non-white goyim too are a bunch of filthy goyim who should ideally function as donkey-servants of Jews. So, despite the sham Jewish alliance with non-whites against whites, once white power is brought low Jews will maneuver to crush OTHER goy powers and interests. It’s like Jewish Power was supportive of using Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against Iran. But after Iran lost the war to Iraq, Jews then baited Hussein into invading Kuwait and used that as pretext for destroying Iraq. Currently, Jews are allied with Saudis against Iran, but Jews hate both peoples. In the West, Jews simultaneously support Muslims against whites and support white Christians against Muslims. It’s divide-and-rule. What the non-white goyim don’t understand is that their short-term gain will be a long-term loss. While non-whites certainly gain materially in the short-term by coming to the West and colonizing white or white-made towns and cities, their children become cucky-wucked by Globo-Homo propaganda and PC. They end up losing their identities and cultures just like white people have lost theirs. They end up in a limbo between their own faded identity and ‘Western’ identity that is, of late, all about the Holy Three of Jews, Homos, & Negroes and precious little else. As such, non-white kids in the US end up with idiotic PC and infantile Pop Culture as their own ‘identity’ and value system. And this globo-homo junk is shipped back to their home countries as the Universal Values. Why is it that so many Iranian-Americans who return to Iran have nothing on their minds but ‘muh gay marriage’ and ‘muh feminism’? Why is it that so many Hindus sound just like Western SJW idiots? Why is it that so many Muslims in the West have no culture except rap music and imitating trashy blacks?
In the end, non-whites lose out in the West as well because they end up assimilating to mindless PC and brainless Pop Culture. Worse, this garbage gets sent back to the homeland that is also McDonaldized with Globo-Homo-Negro nonsense. That stuff is so poisonous that even many Jews are now getting high on their own supply, and it’s having a deleterious effect on Jewish culture and values. Degeneracy and Excess bring down all communities. Just like poison gas used by Germans sometimes drifted back to the German side, Poison Culture used by Jews sometimes blow right back in their faces: Consider self-destructing Jews like Anthony Weiner and Eric Schneiderman, both of whom ended up with non-white women because too many crass Jewish women are now in the sack with Negroes.

Anyway, there is no doubt that World Jewry look upon themselves as the ‘effendi’ who shall lord over donkey-goys or donkoys. It’s like what the good Rabbi Ovada Yosef said: "Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat."

Yes, Jews will ‘sit like EFFENDI and eat’. Goyim are obviously necessary to Jews like horses and cattle are necessary to mankind... or to the Pigs in ANIMAL FARM who become the new masters or the ‘new humans’. And none other than Bibi Netanyahu has remarked to fellow Jews about how US goy dogs are on the Zionist leash. Jews in Israel tend to speak more candidly about how they really think because they feel more secure as they’re surrounded by their own kind.

Now, many Jews will publicly denounce people like Rabbi Ovada Yosef and be critical of Netanyahu and his right-wing Likud government. Many Jews, especially in the US and EU, wish that Jews in Israel would restrain their chutzpah a bit in boasting about Jewish power and greatness. After all, despite immense Jewish power in the US and EU, the fact remains that minority Jews there don’t have the security of majority demographics that Jews in Israel have. So, despite their dominant elite power, Jews in the West tend to be far less exuberant about Jewish power-lust and grand ambition. They try to persuade the masses of goyim that Jewishness is all about wisdom, conscience, concern for the little guy(because Jews have been ‘little guys’ throughout history), tolerance, and progress. After all, even if Jews in Israel come out of the closet and reveal their true intentions — mastery over ‘subhuman’ Arab Palestinians — , there is NOTHING that the Pallies can do about it because Jews got all the power. Not only financial, media, and academic but in sheer numbers. Jews outnumber Arabs and have a high-birthrate. But if Jewish Power-lust were to come out of the closet in the West and act really arrogant and say stuff like "You work for us like donkeys so that we can eat like Effendi", even the most cuckish Christian Zionist will begin to think twice about Jews and then go for his pitchfork.

So naturally, most Jews in the West will claim to denounce men like Rabbi Ovada Yosef and ultra-right-wing types in Likud. They will also claim that it’s the overly religious Jews who are causing all the problems whereas secular liberal Jews, in both Israel and the West, are committed to peace, justice, and tolerance. But action speaks louder than words. While it’s true that ultra-religious Jews are the ones spewing the most offensive and arrogant crap about goyim, the fact remains that the most-power-hungry, most ambitious, most aggressive, and most destructive Jews are the secular ones. Most Neocons who pushed for Wars for Israel are NOT religious zealots. They are ethno-supremacists. The Jews who cooked up Homomania as Satanic-Jewish-christianity are secular Jews, not religious ones. Indeed, so much of ‘secular’ culture is neo-religious with its own holy icons, sacramental chants, taboos, and rituals. So-called ‘secular Jews’ turned ‘gay rights’ into Gay Rites and even push that stuff into Churches. If indeed most Jews are secular, why are they so obsessed in altering the altars of Christianity? Also, look at Jews who run Harvard, Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, and etc., and of course, they act like Effendi who should rake in most of the profits while rest of us are reduced to donkey helots. Therefore, it is not only useful but necessary to refer to the Current Globo-Homo Jewish elites as the EFFENDI.. It sure is good to be the Effendi.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Notes on Richard Spencer’s Discussion of Anti-White Hatred, Elites, Martyrdom, and Power & the State on JF Gariepy’s "The Nature of Power | Richard Spencer, TrueDiltom, TPS #42"

In the video link above at 34:16, Richard Spencer says the reason why "THEY Hate us" is because there is a ‘great moral weight against (white people)’. True enough, but paradoxically, non-whites claim to ‘hate’ whites because they really love whites. Non-whites prefer whites over non-whites, even over their own kind. Asian-Indians would rather live with whites than with other Asian-Indians who shit all over and practice corruption on a massive scale. Chinese would rather live with whites(in US, Canada, or Australia) than with their own kind who are so corrupt and cruel. Also, Chinese women would much prefer to marry white/Jewish men and have white/Jewish kids than Chinese ones. Their sexual mentality is ‘No Dogs and Chinese Men Allowed’. Mexicans would rather live with gringo, work under gringo, and marry gringo than be with their own kind in Mexico, a nation known for corruption, mediocrity, and tacociousness. And we know Muslims and Africans would rather live with white Europeans than with their own kind. Muslims fear other Muslims in the Middle East. And Africans know how awful things are in black-run Africa. Also, they want white women(who now have jungle fever from too much rap music, black-dominated sports, and pornified culture). So, all these black men come to Europe hollering, ‘muh dick’ and ‘where da white women at?’ Now, if these peoples love white people so much — indeed, so much that they want to flee from their own nations, peoples, and cultures to be with whites in white or white-majority nations — , why do they spew so much anti-white vitriol? Partly, it is to hide their shame of preferring whites over their own kind. They don’t want to admit that they see whites as superior in governance, achievement, technology, morality, integrity, and beauty. So, they whine a lot about ‘white privilege’. But the bigger reason is that they need to suppress white identity, white pride, and white nationalism in order to gain access to the white world. After all, if whites felt pride of identity and ownership of their own nations, achievements, and genetic heritage, they would choose to guard, defend, and keep their domain for themselves. The ONLY way non-whites can gain access to the White World is by making whites feel ashamed of being white and having nice white things(that PC says must be shared with all the Worthless World). Of course, Jews understood this first and spearheaded PC. In order for Jews to have nice things and rule the world, they needed access to the White World. Also, they needed whites to go into White Submissivist mode to serve Jewish Supremacism. After all, if whites were to care about whiteness just like Jews care about Jewishness, whites will prioritize their own identity and interests. Then, Jewish Supremacism cannot prevail. For Jews to take over and gain hegemony, they've needed whites to welcome Jews, praise Jews, honor Jews, and feel morally guilty about Jews. So, all this anti-white vitriol from Jews is really the result of Jews loving whites. Jews want to have sex with whites. Jews want to appropriate ‘Aryan’ looks for their own half-Jewish kids. Indeed, look at Jewish immigration patterns, and Jews always favored white nations(especially those dominated by Anglos and Germanics) over all other nations. Jewish immigration-patterns were always white-preferist and white-supremacist. Jews wanted to follow where whites went, even when whites gained territory through invasions and 'genocide'. So, Jews love the fact that they gained total access to the white world. But in order to do so, they had to promote White Guilt and White Self-Loathing. Only if whites are made to feel guilty and sorry can they be manipulated to allow Jews and tons of non-whites into the White World.

So, whenever non-whites bitch about whites, whites should ask, "If you are so proud of your kind and hate us whites, why did you flee from your own nation, people, and culture to come live in the White World? Why do you want to have sex with whites and have white-looking kids? You must believe whites are superior to your own. You want to be with us. You’re more ‘white supremacist’ than we are."

* * * * * * * * * *

At the 37:46 mark in the video link above, Spencer says the White Middle Class is being crushed in a 'pincer motion by the elites and the bottom, the Third World, Global South, and People of Color'. He is right in a broad sense, but it’s worth scrutinizing what is happening with greater detail. In the past, the elites would have been mostly Wasps, Anglo-Americans and others of Northern European heritage. The Other whites also gain entry into the elite realm by becoming Anglo-Americanized. Initially, even many Jews chose this route, becoming essentially Anglo-Jews. But at some point, Jews emerged not only as a counter-elite and separate elite(even a ‘hostile elite’ to the host elite, as Kevin Macdonald might characterize them) but as the New Elite. Thus, US went from a mono-elite power to a multi-elite power: Jews on top and Wasps below them. I’m thinking much of Jewish resentment had to do with aesthetics. They felt ‘uglier’ and felt resentful EVEN WHEN Wasps were being welcoming to them. Even when some Wasp country clubs let Jews in, Jews still felt as outsiders when they looked in the mirror. The other reason probably had to do with personality. Jews are feisty, pushy, and nasty. Wasps were into form and manners. Wasps could be insulting and dismissive too, but with a veneer of respectability. So, Jews saw themselves as honest hustlers versus Wasps who were about greed and privilege but put on genteel airs. Also, because of Wasp privilege, many not-too-bright Wasps made it to the top, whereas Jews had to be really smart to make the climb. So, many ambitious Jews of real talent from humble backgrounds found themselves in the company of not-too-bright Wasps in elite circles. Jews felt that those Wasps weren’t deserving of their power and status. And even though rich and successful Wasps outnumbered rich and successful Jews, in percentage terms Jews beat Wasps by a mile. After all, up to the 1980s, Wasps made up nearly half the population of the US whereas Jews were generally never more than 2%. In terms of pound-for-pound power, Jews were the top winners. But there was another factor that made Jews so much more powerful than Wasps. Jews concentrated on taking over the media that could make or break reputations. And via the Media, Jews made Shoah and American Slavery the two greatest evils the world has ever known. Now, anyone who knows history knows that genocides happened all over and all the time. Jews themselves were involved with mass killings when they gained power as Bolsheviks. Also, slavery wasn’t unique to White America. After all, Brazil imported 10x the slaves. And Africa had slavery for 10,000 yrs. And there were tyrannies and bloodbaths all over the world since time immemorial. So, why did Jews make Shoah and American Slavery so crucial to World Morality. Both were devised to undermine Northern European Christian Power. Jews perceived Wasps as their main rivals in prestige, privilege, power, wealth, and narrative. So, Jews had to clip the wings of Wasp pride. One clipped wing was Gentile Guilt over the Holocaust and the other clipped wing was the White Guilt over Black Slavery. So, even though the Wasp Bird was still bigger, it no longer had wings to fly with. In contrast, the Jewish canary still had wings and monopolized flight. But being only 2% of the population concentrated in elite brainy fields, Jews couldn’t maintain power without the cooperation of others, especially whites who made up most managers, operators, engineers, supervisors, workers, and etc. Because the white masses or the white middle would be less likely to take orders from a bunch of nasty Jews — even if the white hoi polloi were instilled with ‘gentile guilt’ — , Jews needed to form an alliance with the demoted Wasp elites whereby Wasps could keep the status but must surrender the real power. Though Jewish elites were the new champions, Wasps were still in the ranking as contenders. But instead of challenging the power of Jewish champion elites, they came to play a subordinate and subservient role. They would become like the comprador native elites of India and Hong Kong who dutifully served the British Imperialists who could be generous to those who submitted to Anglo-dominance. That way, Jews could use Wasp-White Elites as the face of American Power. Then, the White Middle was far more likely to follow Elite Policy even though it was concocted by Jews than by White Elites. Jews had the power but its face was still White-Elite. Jews mastered the art of using White Elites as a front for Jewish Power. But this skill was perfected over a long period as Jewish banking elites in Europe needed to operate behind the prestige of white monarchs and aristocrats. And when Jewish radicals were blacklisted in the anti-communist era of the 1950s, they often used fronts to sell their works and get their ideas across. (Of course, those Jewish communists were fully supportive of Stalinist mass-killings, and today, their descendants are totally for doxxing, firing, and blacklisting any white person who says NO to White Submissivism to Jewish Supremacism. Incidentally, the Wikipedia entry for THE FRONT goes to show how hypocritical and un-self-aware these weasly Jews are. These very Jews(who now say people’s lives should be destroyed for refusing to bake wedding cakes for homo fecal penetrators who desecrate marriage, for standing up for Palestinian dignity & freedom, and for saying NO to Jewish Supremacist Power) still wax romantic about how noble Jewish Communists were wronged by a ‘witch-hunt’. Of course, all this BS about Civil Liberties was really just a Jewish Front to cover up their radical hatred of White America. When Jews have the power, they have no qualms about using Lawfare and other means to shut down voices who say NO to Jewish Supremacism. What an utterly vile and disgusting people. Never trust Jews who don’t know the meaning of ‘principle’ and ‘honor’. It’s no wonder that the term ‘dirty Jew’ became part of the lexicon.)

Anyway, because the current US is multi-elite than mono-elite, it’s too simplistic to say the White Middle is caught between the pincer movement of High and Low. Rather, one problem is that the White Middle is pressed down by High and High: Jewish Champion Elites and White Contender Elites(or more like Cucktender Elites as they don’t challenge the power of the Champion Elites). Ideally, the White Elites should represent the White Middle. And there was a time when they used to. Both Theodore Roosevelt(on the Right) and Franklin Delano Roosevelt(on the Left) felt some degree of connection with the White Masses. Indeed, despite heavy Jewish representation in FDR’s administration, many Jewish proposals and demands were rebuffed. FDR used Jewish talent and connections, but he had no illusions about the nature of Jews. And even up to Richard Nixon, there was honest discussion of Jewish influence in the corridors of power. So, there was still a sense that White Elites should look out for the ‘Silent Majority’ and keep a watchful eye on the nasty Jews.

But over time, the Jewish Elites took total power. They did it not only by gaining great wealth & buying up whore politicians and by saturating the air waves with Fake News that distorted mass perception but by using the power of academia and iconography to instill White People with ‘white guilt’ and moral paralysis(or moralysis). But Guilt alone isn’t entirely effective because it’s a downer and depressing. After all, if Christianity only said ‘sinful humanity killed Jesus’, people would just feel sad and bad about the Faith. Instead, Christianity says Jesus nobly died for the sins of mankind, triumphed over death, entered Heaven, and returned with the message of Redemption and Salvation for those who’d accept His status as the Son of God. That added an element of light and joy to Christianity. Christianity has Easter and Christmas as well as the sad stuff about how Jesus was unjustly whupped and killed by humanity. So, Jews found it useful to promote black sexual culture. This way, whites would be both paralyzed with ‘white guilt’ about the Negro and feel ‘liberated’ by Negro rhythm and sexuality. Thus, whites got both the ‘guilt’ and ‘fever’ in regards to blacks. All those white women who feel ‘white guilt’ could find salvation via sex with black men and allowing their white wombs to be colonized by black seed. And all those white boys could be ‘redeemed’ by turning into hapless cucks who worship everything black: They cheer for black athletes who hump tons of white cheerleaders, they praise their kids for listening to rap music where black thugs sing about how white girls need to suck ‘muh dick’, and they even invite black guys to hump their own wives and girlfriends as this Daily Beast Article explains: Of course, ‘intellectuals’ is euphemism for Proggy White Urbanites.

So, it’s not just a matter of the White Middle being crushed by Top and Bottom. Rather, the White Middle lost the White Top to the Jewish Top. When white people used to be gloriously race-ist in the past, the white elites felt an affinity and common bond with the white masses. This was also why the victorious North in the Civil War didn’t push for black revenge and domination over Southern Whites. In the end, Northern Whites figured Southern Whites were still their racial brethren and didn’t deserve to be mass-raped by Negroes. Today, Jews still have this sense of top-middle-bottom solidarity among themselves. Jewish elites in Israel care about the Jewish middle and Jewish bottom. And they are proud of it. And in the US, even as Jews berate white identity and interests, they make lots of noises about how Jewishness is so great, how every American needs to support Israel, and how there’s nothing wrong with Jews caring about fellow Jews(all around the world ) and helping those Jews who have less. So, the Jewish Top cares about the Jewish Middle and Jewish Bottom. But the White Top no longer feels for the White Middle & Bottom because of the cult of White Guilt. If members of the White Top today spoke and acted like Teddy Roosevelt or Franklin Delano Roosevelt, their reputations would be destroyed in no time by the Jews. Donald Trump hasn’t explicitly said anything pro-white — even though he’s said plenty that specifically praised Jews and blacks — , but notice how Jews have been having conniptions about him as Literally Hitler. Why? It’s because Trump has refused to talk and act in the mode of White Guilt 24/7. Because of his lack of apologetics, Jews fear that Trumpism may trigger the waking up of the White Giant that may say NO and then eventually give the Middle Finger to Jewish Supremacist perfidy.
As long as White Guilt is at the center of the National Narrative, the White Top will remain subservient to Jews. After all, even the White Middle, as having been instructed by Jew-run academia and informed by Jew-run media, have bought into White Guilt. So, suppose a member of the White Elite decides to go ‘rogue’ and come out as a Pan-European Patriot. Jews would use all their media power to smear him as a ‘racist’, ‘anti-Semite’, and ‘Neo-Nazi’. Then, even the White Middle will denounce and reject him EVEN THOUGH he’s speaking in the interests of the vast majority of the White Race. Via control of Academia and Media, Jews have infected even the hearts and minds of the White Middle with PC crap about ‘white guilt’. Indeed, Jews have even gone so far as to infect the vast majority of whites with the idea that it’s a noble idea to desecrate the crucial bio-moral institution of marriage by associating it with Homo-Fecal-Penetration and Tranny-Penis-Cutting. If a white elite member came out in favor of restoring True Marriage, he would be rejected by the much-corrupted-and-soul-soiled White Middle whose main culture is Pop Culture and whose main ideology is PC(though somewhat milder than the PC of colleges). Why did the White Middle become so corrupted? Because the White Elites or the White Top totally surrendered to Jews. In the past, the White Top saw the dangers of rising Jewish Power and took measures to keep the Radicalism of the Tribe in check. But Jews kept on gaining in power. And then, by hammering a certain Narrative until White Guilt became the focal point of American Consciousness, it became difficult for White Elites to call out on Jewish Perfidy since any criticism of Jewish Power came to be associated with ‘antisemitism’ and ‘Nazism’. So, Jews could rant on and on about Wasps, but whites had to shut up about Jews. It’s like Gene Siskel could get away with talking crap about Anglo-American bankers. But imagine if a white film critic had said similar shit about Jews. He would have been canned there and then, even if the sentiments had been said between takes.

Because the Jewish Top owns the White Top(and because the Jew-run mass media and mass education mold the hearts and minds of the White Masses), we have a case of not only the High(Jewish) and the High(Wasp) versus the White Middle but also the High(Jewish) and the White Middle versus the White High. Even though there is no White High that openly stands for white identity and interests in the US — Donald Trump is not such a leader — , even if such were to emerge, it would most likely be rejected and even reviled by the White Middle that’s been so mentally warped by Jewish control of media and academia. Many in the White Middle sincerely believe Diversity & Inclusion trumps all else and worship nonsense like ‘gay marriage’. If so-called ‘conservative’ S. E. Cupp shed tears of joy upon the passing of ‘gay marriage’, imagine how proggy white middle women feel?
Furthermore, to speak of the White Middle is problematic because the Middle Class has been breaking up between the still-successful upper-middle-class and the declining sub-working class. There used to be a time when the idea of the ‘middle class’ had broad meaning, especially after WWII when there was a vast rise in wealth for many Americans. So, even the traditional working class believed they were part of the ‘middle class’. Having a blue-collar job didn’t mean you weren’t middle class. You could have a house, own cars, and send kids to decent schools where they rubbed shoulders with kids from more affluent families. So, there was a sense of a broad white middle class. But globalism made it possible for some tech-savvy member of the middle class to shoot up to the upper-middle class yuppie territory. As for the blue collar middle class folks, they sunk lower and lower as globalism and ‘free trade’ shipped tons of US jobs overseas. Also, Mass Invasion by Third World folks meant depressed wages in the US. So, with even decent-paying blue collar jobs disappearing across America, the working-class-as-middle-class increasingly became a pipe dream. And there was also the cultural degradation. When family, church, tradition, and patriotism were part of American blue collar life(or British blue collar life), working class folks had some degree of respectability in their lives. They had families. Fathers were fathers, mothers were mothers. They went to Church. They had a sense of ethnic community. But with the rise of radical individualism, youth culture, hedonism, Afro jiggity-ness, Jewish perversity, and feminist nastiness, the overall culture got trashier, more shameless and vulgar. And working class types were affected more negatively because their relatively inferior intelligence, irony, and sophistication made them easier prey to the culture of excess and degeneration. A smart and educated person is likely to act more sensible even if his values are decadent and hedonistic. In contrast, a less intelligent and less sophisticated person is more likely to dive head first into morass of filth and obscenity.

And then, due to Mass Invasion(aka immigration) and Affirmative Action, the Top became increasingly ‘diverse’. Silicon Valley is now filled with Asians(especially Hindus) as well as with Jews and whites. In political science departments of many elite colleges, there are peoples of all backgrounds. Therefore, white elites find themselves drawing closer with global elites of all races and cultures. Since they have little in common in terms of tradition, religion, and history, they draw together and circle around the banner of Globo-Afro-Homo Cult funded and promoted by the Empire of Judea. In the US, the Holy Three are Jews, blacks, and homos. And Jews are holy in the EU because of Shoah as neo-religion. But Jew-Worship is a tough sell outside the West. While the non-West will bow down to Jewish Power(because it is so formidable), they have no special love for Jews. And as they weren't responsible for WWII and the Holocaust, they have no reason to feel ‘guilty’. If anything, many people in Asia see Jews as the real rulers of America. And many in the Muslim world see Jews/Zionists as the biggest a**holes. And most in Africa see Jews as just ‘richer whites’ who should be milked as much as possible. Because Jewishness isn’t holy outside the West, Jews seek to use the front of Globo-Afro-Homo Cult to unify all of mankind under Jewish Hegemony. Why? Homos exist in all societies, so Jews can recruit homos in any nation to serve as their collaborators. Also, Homomania is flamboyant and fun for those who take part in it. It’s like globo-Mardi-Gras or globo-Samba-Carnival. As for Negroes, they got rap, sports, and sexuality-via-dong-and-booty. Also, their booming voices and howling hollers make their suffering just seem more intense and eloquent. People don’t like to hear complaints but may listen up if the complainers are orating like MLK or some Mountain-Sized-Negro-who-done-luv-a-wittle-white-mouse. Notice that both Zionists and Palestinians express their tribal pride & rage in the form of Rap, the biggest musical genre in the US. And both Zionists and Palestinians try to out-wave the Homo Flag in the West to be associated with homo-holiness. Even though Globo-Homo thing is Jewish-made and Jewish-funded, there are anti-Zionist forces who seek to appropriate the ‘holy’ symbol for themselves. (Apparently, it is holy in the Current Year to be associated with symbol of homo fecal penetration and tranny-penis-cutting.)
Anyway, Affirmative Action favors non-whites for elite positions. And Asians, Hindu and Yellow, are graduating from elite colleges and taking over many positions in media, academia, and middle management. So, when we say the Top and Bottom are crushing the Middle, it’s no longer so much the case of Jewish/White Top and Brown/Black bottom working against the White Middle. The White Middle has long cracked into Upper Middle Class(yuppies and their ilk) and the Sub-working-class(many of whom are not even gainfully employed). And the Top is becoming more brown with Affirmative Action favoring mulattos and with Mass Invasion making Asians rise above even the White Upper Middle Class. Also, the race-mixing at the top is creating all sorts of weird hybrids whose main identity is globo-power-and-privilege than anything else. When the privileged kids of Jews, whites, Hindus, Chinese, mulattoes, white Hispanics, and etc. attend the same elite institutions, the only thing they have in common is want of privilege, wealth, and status. They are Status Supremacists. They will sacrifice and attack anything that threatens their vaunted positions in society. Even though they will do ANYTHING to get more for themselves, they cover their tracks of self-interest with vapid talk of ‘progress’ premised on ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, which are bogus because Diversity is the result of imperialism and Inclusion(which now means coercive inclusion) is just euphemism for Invasion. The US surely uses the Politics of Inclusion in the Middle East. Iraq, Libya, and Syria were all forced to allow the invasive ‘inclusion’ of US military might(that serve the interests of the Empire of Judea of course). Against all norms of International Law, the US military is now occupying large swaths of territory in Syria.

* * * * * * * * * *

In the above video link at 42:57, Spencer says he’s not interested in being a ‘martyr’, and he conflates martyrdom with losing. He is wrong. A true martyr is a winner because his defeat is admired and remembered. It inspires others to take up the cause. A martyr is more than someone who just loses or is defeated. A martyr is who ‘loses’ beautifully and nobly, thereby inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. Jesus was certainly the most famous example. But it also goes for John Wayne’s character in SANDS OF IWO JIMA. A martyr doesn’t die in vain. He dies to inspire others to take up the cause with even greater fervor and commitment. And no movement can get anywhere without martyrs, without those who are willing to take the first bullets as they charge into battle.

The big irony is that Spencer IS a martyr whether he wants to admit it or not. Not in the classic sense as he is still alive and in one piece. But in terms of reputation and representation, he’s been targeted, cornered, tarred-and-feathered, shot with arrows, and nailed to the wall. Because of his commitment to the cause, he’s been punched in the face(with great fanfare from wicked Jews who are asking for their comeuppance), robbed of Constitutional Rights at Charlottesville, denied payment systems, kicked off Facebook(even though he did nothing to violate terms of policy), and harassed with Lawfare(again by wicked Jews). He can't raise funds for his trial because Jew-run payment systems deny him service(even though Americans are forced to pay taxes to send billions to Judeo-Nazi Israel). He can’t even pay for a drink at a bar with a credit card. His college speeches have been sabotaged by Antifa which effectively works as strongarm of SPLC that is funded by Jewish globalists. Whether Spencer wants to admit it or not, he’s been the lightning rod of Establishment Fury. Because the Power sees Spencer, rightly or wrongly, as the focal point of Alt Right Movement, it has been directing most of its fury at Spencer and those around him. The only reason why Spencer still has a Twitter account is because he’s been mild and moderate in his tweets. Especially after Charlottesville, how can anyone not say that Spencer and his inner circle have not been ‘martyred’? Whether Spencer accepts the label or not, he’s been hit hard. And he will continue to be hit hard as NOTHING he says or does henceforth will redeem his reputation in the eyes of the Power. He can only go forth by accepting his ‘martyrdom’ as a fact of life. Wherever he goes, he will carry the mark-of-cain because the Jew-run media see him as most dangerous. If Spencer is sensible, he should wear this mantle of martyrdom with pride. Perhaps, the reason for his unwillingness is due to an Anglo honor-code where it’s not considered dignified to play up one’s downtrodden status. Spencer’s pride can’t accept that he’s been licked. Also, his Nietzschean perspective makes him identify with the winner, victor, and hero while disdaining anyone who reeks of 'loserdom'. But sometimes, it makes more sense to take something from the Biblical play-book that is filled with martyrs. In the Greek myths, the heroes usually triumph and win. In Biblical tales, many fail and fall. Even the greatest Jewish king, David, failed in the end like King Arthur in EXCALIBUR. And before him, Moses was finally banished from the Promised Land by God. While Moses and David weren’t exactly martyrs, they were ultimately tragic vessels for something larger than themselves. And in the larger scope of things, Nietzscheanism fails because, like Ayn-Randianism, it’s all about the power of individuality. A true mastermind should, prophet-like, be able to see the bigger picture. While losing is usually futile and pathetic, the nobler kind of losing isn’t losing at all. It is setting the grounds for bigger victory down the line. The beauty of martyrdom means that the fall of one may inspire the rise of a million. While Alt Right people should not invite defeat, they must accept the fact that they will be met with defeat after defeat after defeat before they finally get something really going. It’s like the US space program had to suffer many setbacks before finally designing a rocket that could go into space. To move forward and upward, Alt Right will have to get used to ‘martyrdom’ like a cat wishing to cross to the other side of the river has to get used to getting wet.

Spencer says that speaking the truth & standing for principles but losing isn’t worth it. He says he’s in it to WIN. But, there is losing and then there is losing. There is losing because one has been exposed as wrong and fraudulent. That kind of losing is definitive. But there is losing because one has spoken the truth and aroused the ire of the Establishment that suppresses the truth. That kind of losing lays the groundwork for eventually winning. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a loser who was later lionized as a moral winner. Also, one has to correctly gauge one’s options in the struggle. When truth, honesty, and integrity are the ONLY things one has, they must be used as the main weapon. If the Alt Right has representation in Deep State, Ivy League, Silicon Valley, Big Media, the Law Courts, and etc., then Spencer’s talk of WINNING may have credence. But the Alt Right has NOTHING in terms of the actual instruments of power. Spencer cannot even pay for a freaking drink at a bar. He can’t even rent out space at the Ronald Reagan building for an NPI conference. He can’t even rely on cops to defend his supporters from Antifa thugs. So, what is this talk of WINNING? With what? The only way to win, at least incrementally, is by focusing on what the Alt Right has available at the moment: Truth, Honesty, Integrity, and Courage via the platform of the Internet. If the Power has thrown you down a well and if you can’t climb back up, the only thing left is for you to shout out your message so that people around the well can hear you. Jews use ethno-totalitarian financial monopoly to deny people like Spencer, Jared Taylor, and Kevin MacDonald from collecting donations. Money is the water of the modern economy, and Jews have the power to shut off the flow to Pan-Europeanists just like Zionists cut off water to Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank. And of course, Jews cut off food and medicine to Iraq so that 100,000s of women and children died. Jews are that venal, wicked, heartless, and cruel.

Anyway, even if the dissidents of the Alt Right cannot raise money, they can still use the FREE services of the internet to get their ideas and views across far and wide. Even with so many Jew-run internet platforms shutting down so many voices, there are many more new voices speaking truth to power, and Jews can’t shut everyone down. And every time Jews shut another person down, word gets around that Jews do indeed control everything. In the end, Jewish Tyranny over white folks will be like Soviet control over Eastern Europeans. Total but seen for what it is. There will be so much hatred and resentment against Jews that when their fall comes, it will be as swift and absolute as the fall of Soviet Occupation of Eastern Europe. Until Alt-Tech comes into its own and ensures financial and networking for all peoples and voices, the Alt Right, Dissident Right, and Left-Right(aka Neo-Fascist National Humanism) will have to accept the fact that their only potent weapon is Speaking Truth to Power with Honesty, Truth, Courage, and Integrity. And ‘martyrdom’ will be a daily part of life. Spencer can deny his situation all he wants. The fact is he IS the most famous ‘martyr’ of the Alt Right. And if his admirers still stick with him, it is only because he didn’t turn cuck like Jack Hunter the Souuuuuuthern Avenger.

Also, even though Spencer talks about how ‘we need to gain power’, the first step in the road to power is by weakening the Power-that-be. It's like, before you construct a new building, the existing building has to be brought down first. Focus on destruction before construction.
As long as the Power-that-be is around, it will do everything to prevent the formation of Alt Right power. It will use financial tyranny, lawfare, bribery of cuck-politicians, Antifa goonery, Big Media lies, and etc. So, before Spencer thinks about increasing ‘our power’, he needs to first think about how to weaken ‘their power’. Since the Power-that-be is so immense in terms of cash, connections, and conspiracy, it can’t be taken down by going head to head. The smaller power will be defeated. Rather, the weaker power will have to assess the key vulnerabilities in the Power. It’s like Luke Skywalker shot lasers into a certain portal to blow up the Death Star. And it makes no sense to attack a giant bridge with a sledgehammer from the top. It will take forever. Rather, one must assess the structure of the bridge and the laws of gravity. One must find the key supportive points and place the explosives there. This is why even a few explosives can bring down an entire bridge. Though an immense structure, simple gravity will bring it all down if its critical supportive links are destroyed. Same thing with a boxer. Even the biggest and toughest boxer can be brought down by being hit ‘right on the button’. In the animal world, how does a leopard bring down an animal many times its size and weight? How come a cougar can sometimes kill a horse? Because even though a horse is much bigger and stronger, it has a vulnerable spot in the back of the neck. If a cougar can jump on the horse’s neck, cling tight, and sink its fangs into the spinal cord, the horse will come down. A horse has no means to reach the back of its neck with its hooves or teeth. If a cougar tries to go against a horse face-to-face, forget it.

So, before the Alt Right thinks in terms of ‘our power’, it needs to take a close look at the Power or ‘their power’. It needs to assess its overall structure and pinpoint its weak spots, the Achilles Heel. Samson understood this. He didn’t have to attack every square inch of the palace. He only needed to remove two columns underpinning the entire edifice. Since the Current Power is so moralistic, holier-than-thou, and virtue-signaling, it has set itself for de-legitimization and invalidation if its moral supports were to be removed. As power rises high, it comes under immense gravitational pressure. It becomes very expensive to maintain the moral justification for the power. (Indeed, why would the elites spend so much money on the truth when it can go against their interests? Only a fool would spend big money on unbiased and principled truth. If you're going to spend big bucks, make sure you get bang for the buck. Companies spend money on advertising to sell their products, not reveal truths that may undercut them. This is why much of the media and academia are Lie Factories. Big Money would not fund them just to be de-legitimized by them. Just about anything with a huge price-tag is a lie. Or, if it contains the ugly truth, it's about whatever or whomever that the Big Money hates. So, the Jew-run publishing industry produces many books about the Ugly Truth of Nazi Germans but precious little about the Ugly Truth of Jewish Bolshevik Mass Killers.) Alt Right must target the most vulnerable weak spots of Jewish Supremacist Power. With a little effort, it can easily be demonstrated that the US is really part of the Empire of Judea and that Jewish-Supremacism or Judeo-Nazism, not ‘white supremacism’, is the real animating force of American Power. And it can easily be demonstrated that the Current Elites of the Deep State are utterly corrupt, power-hungry, and demented. Obama can easily be outed as a flying-monkey-pet of Jews.

Obamonkey destroyed Libya and aided terrorists in Syria. (One wonders how many in the Deep State really believe in the ruling ideology. In THE WIZARD OF OZ, the henchmen surprisingly express their gratitude when the Wicked Witch is destroyed. They'd just been reluctant minions all along. Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead. Of late, many people, especially non-Jewish progs, seem happy to see the fall of men like Harvey Weinstein and Eric Schneiderman. Could many people in the Deep State just be cynical operators? But then, judging by James Comey, who gets all teary-eyed about tripe like TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, maybe these Deep State dufuses are really shallow maudlin fools who've drunken the Kool Aid of PC as their neo-religion.) Because there are so many moral strikes against the Globo-Homo Deep State neo-imperialism, the Alt Right has to present itself as essentially decent, honest, and moral. It is moral for a people to insist on their racial and cultural survival. If anything, it is the GLOB that is in neo-imperialist mode in wrecking the entire world through Zio-American military interference, financial terrorism, murderous sanctions, and demographic imperialism(especially against Europe that is filling up with millions of Africans and Muslims). Where Alt Right has failed is in compromising its own moral credit by allowing certain insane 14/88 Neo-Nazi types who are dumb or pathological enough to still admire Hitler. And while it’s totally necessary to speak truth to Jewish Power, spreading ugly lies about the Shoah and WWII is NOT okay. One of the few advantages a weaker power may have over the stronger power is in moral clarity. But even this is gone IF the Alt Right flirts with 14/88 clowns and lunatics. While Unite the Right had the Constitution on its side at Charlottesville, it should have sent out a message loud and clear that this New Right is not about Hitler-lovers, KKK, and such ilk. It failed to do that and got associated with scum who were easily exploited by the Jew-run media. A rich man has much more than a poor man, but the poor man can have morality and righteousness on his side. If the poor man relinquishes even that small but significant advantage by talking stupid ugly shit, then he shall remain powerless. (Incidentally, it was precisely because class-based leftism morally favored the have-lesses over the have-lots that the Jewish Globalists cooked up Homomania as the main banner of 'new leftism' because vain and fussy homos are on the side of the rich, famous, and wealthy. Jews handed the levers of morality, spirituality, and meaning to people such as the fruitkin in LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN.)

* * * * * * * * * *

In the above video link at 1 hr 16:48, Spencer says the Myth of American Democracy pretends as though the ‘rights’ and principles inscribed in the US Constitution have an existence and validity separate from the State. According to Spencer, that way of thinking — all too common among Conservatism Inc. types — is delusional and willfully naive. In truth, the ‘rights’ and ‘freedoms’ that we cherish exist ONLY BECAUSE of the power of the state that maintains and enforces order, security, contracts, and rule of law through implicit threat of violence, e.g. "If you don’t pay taxes, the government will send men to arrest you." In the most elemental sense, Spencer is correct of course. Humans are organisms prone to violence and aggression, and only a form of governance and organized force can maintain order and ‘harmony’ among the people. In a simple social order, it could be the cooperation of elders and warriors. In a more complex social order, it could be the coordination of power among the military caste, the priesthood, and merchant class. In the modern world, nations are ruled by the complex apparatus of the state with its elaborate laws enforced by a vast bureaucracy in cooperation with the governing elites, elected or appointed.

Still, Spencer’s conception sounds too much like the Marxism of Power. It is overly materialist and focuses excessively on the bare-naked workings of power. In truth, the human mind is also a realm of power. Philosophers envision ideal societies and ideal concepts. Therefore, form and meaning of the state will depend on thinkers who offer a vision. After all, if ideals and principles merely follow the logic of the state as an instrument of (Darth Vaderian)power, all societies should be more or less alike. After all, all social orders, be they European-Islamic-Asian-African-Hindu-etc., came into existence through violence that eventually led to the creation of a state-run ‘harmony’ or ‘balance’. And yet, why did Europe, Asia, Muslim World, Hindu World, and etc. develop such different political orders? And even in Europe itself, why did different states end up working differently for different ends? And this is where ideas really do matter. Unlike animals who can only contend with reality as it is and as they find it, humans can drastically and fundamentally change their own environment based on the power of the mind. And this requires feats of imagination, creativity of thought, moral philosophy, and grand vision. It’s like there has to be an architect before any building. Sure, the building is made through the confluence of money, building material, engineers, and workers who do the heavy lifting. And the building is maintained by those who carry out the security details. But it had to have been envisioned and designed by someone in the first place. So, the ‘dream’ does matter. The ability to dream and envision something that doesn’t exist is the ultimate kind of power. You can have all the money-men, engineers, and construction workers. Without an architect, there won’t be any building. Same goes for cinema. Sure, movies cannot exist without producers, studios, the technical crew, costume department, and so much more. The studio is like the ‘state’ in art of movie-making. Without the studio and all its material assets, movies cannot be made. However, a movie still originates with an idea of writer. There is no CASABLANCA without the original story. There is no THE GODFATHER without Mario Puzo’s novel and screenplay. And of course, the director, if he’s really great, isn’t merely a manager of the crew but an artist and ‘author’(or ‘auteur’) in his own right. Stanley Kubrick didn’t write the bulk of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, essentially a literary creation of Arthur C. Clarke, BUT the end-result is the product of Kubrick's unique vision, i.e. only he could have made it what it is. No Kubrick, no 2001, just like No Lucas, No STAR WARS.
Therefore, focusing so much on the power of the state while dismissing its ideals and themes as mostly delusional is to ignore what makes humans special and unique. Humans have the POWER to envision things and conceptualize a better order. So, even though it takes real struggle and the institution of the state to actualize those ideas, the fact is grand plans are motivated, shaped, and directed by ideas. This is as true of empires as of nations. Mongols were empire-builders just like the Ottomans and the British. And yet, why did the Mongol-ruled world differ so much from the British-ruled world or the Ottoman-ruled world? Because the power of ideas and principles really do matter in shaping the direction of power. And also in limiting the scope of power. After all, as yet anyway, the rulers of the US haven’t yet been able to act exactly like Hitler or Stalin even though, of course, there are many in Deep State who would love to exterminate us(like it did with 100,000s of Iraqi women and children).

Even though it is the power of the state that guarantees certain ‘rights’, it is no less true that the struggle to build a certain kind of state-power has often been motivated by certain ideals. After all, if people only struggle for money and power, they’d just be gangsters. But in fact, despite the perennial reality of greed and self-interest, many peoples throughout history were motivated by higher ideals. It wasn’t just about power for power’s sake but power to create a better order based on certain principles. Why would so many communists have sacrificed their lives? Because they really did believe in their Cult of Justice.

Granted, all ideals are cynically manipulated by savvy operators... as illustrated in George Orwell’s ANIMAL FARM. Also, power has its own logic in reasserting itself as the core dynamics of a social order. So, even if the most idealistic people were to gain power, they could gradually come to keep the power mainly for power-for-power’s-sake. They become accustomed to power, then addicted to power. Or they lack confidence in others to carry on with the ideals and try to rule as long as possible... as Mao and Castro did.

Jews came up with the most potent basis of power: The Covenant. It combined the highest ideal — blessing by the one and only God of all universe — with the base reality of blood and soil. The Way of God was to be contracted with the way of the Jewish pud. Thus, it became Godly for Jews to serve in the interests of their Tribal Power.
A people who think too abstractly without grounding in reality cannot amass much power. Buddhists were such people. Their ideas were too abstract and up in the clouds. Even though Buddhism became the official religion of certain powerful kingdoms, Buddhists themselves never became one of the great powers of the world.
In contrast, Mongols were very based in the realm of brutal power. They were nomadic-warriors without any great idea or vision. Their ambition was to conquer as much as possible and rape & pillage anything and anyone in their path. In terms of material power, they were among the greatest in human history. But lacking a higher ideal or noble vision, their power eventually faded and vanished once the Mongol victors grew lazy or just mixed with other peoples.
The lesson of Buddhists and Mongols is that high-idea-without-grounding-in-reality and brute-power-without-higher-ideals are both destined to fail as power. In contrast, the Jewish Covenant managed to forge a unity between High Concept and Base Reality. It combined Truth(God) and Tribe(Jews).

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Expensive Lies vs Free Truths — The Mega-Goliath of the Ministry of Dogma & Propaganda vs. the Independent Davids of Honesty, Integrity, & Courage

It’s often been said that alternative/independent/dissident voices on the Left and Right(especially on the Right as its seen as the #1 threat to Jewish Supremacist Power) are terribly hamstrung by being so outspent by Establishment Media, Academia, Think Tanks, and Deep State that are awash in $billions. This grievance is understandable, and the anxiety(and even fear) is not unfounded. After all, more money means more power. More power over elite institutions means more influence. More influence over politicians and other key figures means more control. Richard Spencer has complained of how an organization like the Heritage Foundations has hundreds of millions in endowments whereas NPI can hardly operate a payment system to collect small donations. And while SPLC and ADL are flush in cash, most dissident groups(especially those on the Right) just barely get by. Money means power, power means influence, influence means control. Most people are dummies, ignoramuses, suckers, or sheeple; most of their beliefs and credo relies on the conventional mills of indoctrination and outlets of information. Indeed, it’s interesting how most Journalism-Communication Schools have produced scribes, commissars, and court-informers than individuals committed to facts and truth. Of course, these journalists have been trained to believe that they are crusaders for justice, i.e. journalism isn’t only about information but transformation. But there is surely a difference between real justice and the Cult of Justice. Truth, in and of itself, is real justice as it is unjust to favor falsehood over truth. There may be rare exceptions, as with torture, which is usually wrong but may be justified in the most extreme cases. The film UNDER FIRE is exactly about that moral dilemma. Should the journalist report the fact that the rebel leader(an inspiration to so many people) is dead, or should he, like the Disciples of Jesus perhaps, concoct a hopeful myth of his being alive to resurrect the hopes of the masses struggling against tyranny? And surely, many people in journalism who knew the truth about Katyn Massacre went along with the official myth(that the Nazis than the Commies done it) to maintain the grand alliance against Evil Nazism. But while such lies-as-necessary-evil may be justified on rare occasions as 'noble lies', they become evil themselves when turned into a habitual practice to serve a Cultish Narrative of Justice that has little semblance with reality. For example, while communism had some justice on its side in the early stages of combating capitalism, imperialism, and reaction, once having gained power in several nations it turned into a mindless Cult of Justice where anything could be deemed ‘just’ on the basis of Marxist-Leninist dogma and anything could be deemed as ‘oppressive and exploitative’ because it was supposedly ‘capitalist’, ‘bourgeois’, or ‘fascist’(interpreted as the final culmination of capitalism; there is some truth in this Marxist interpretation of fascism; after all, both Jewish capitalists and Liberal Democrats have been consolidating their power through the rising might of Deep State that interconnects the various power centers of America: government, media conglomerate, military-industrial complex, Ivy League, intelligence services, law firms, vice industries, and etc; as such, people power has declined over the years while the power of oligarchs and elites have risen under both GOP and Democrats; this is crypto-globo-fascism that feigns 'freedom' and 'democracy' while using devious terms like 'diversity' and 'inclusion' to expand Jewish Supremacist Globo-Homo Imperialism all around the world; but then, where Marxists were wrong was in thinking that fascism is ONLY the culmination of the logic of capitalism; George Orwell knew better and understood that communism would also lead to fascism; history has shown that, in both China and Russia, communist-fascism eventually turns into oligarchic-capitalist fascism as the elites eventually decide to prioritize enriching themselves over taking care of the masses; Russia in the 1990s was an ultra-capitalist crypto-Zio-fascist state; everyone denounces fascism but moves toward fascism; everyone denounces fascism because it's too honest about the nature of power; everyone wants more power but pretend he is for something else, something 'nobler'; in contrast, True Fascists or National-Humanist-Neo-Fascists admit that politics, economics, and culture are about power, but as nationalists and humanists, they consciously strive to restrain this raw/naked powerism with larger concerns for the national good grounded in humanist sense of limits that reject hubris, the most fatal sin in power politics). So, even as communism became a maniacally repressive force in nation after nation, its scribes and commissars served the Power and executed policies & narrative that conformed to the Cult of Justice that had little to do with real justice that has to be based on facts, truth, honesty, and courage. At the very least, while early communists didn’t have all the facts and truth on their side, they at least had the virtue of courage and honesty of conviction. But once communism became the governing institution and ideology of several nations beginning with Russia, it even lost out on courage and honesty as it operated on the basis of fear, terror, intimidation, and mindless conformism. It turned into a system of tyrants, henchmen, and hacks & toadies.

The current Western World has many parallels with the Soviet Union. Of course, there are many more differences but the similarities are striking. The Current Order is like the early Soviet Union in the sheer preponderance of Jewish representation and power in elite circles. Just like the Russian Revolution was, at the very top, not very Russian, the current Western Order is more Jewish than genuinely Western, White, or Christian. Just like Jewish Bolsheviks used communism to erase nationalist identities and yearnings — Jews weren’t so much anti-Russian-imperialist as anti-Gentile-nationalist and, having taken over the Russian Empire, they were happily in neo-imperialist or socio-imperialist mode — , Jewish Globolshies use the cults of Homomania & Diversity(a form of Coercive Inclusion) to weaken and erase national identities & borders(except their own in Israel, of course). So, just as the ‘Russian Revolution’ wasn’t really Russian, the current ‘Western’ or ‘American’ Order isn’t really Western or American. It’s ruled by EOJ or the Empire of Judea. Globalism is a form of Jewish radicalism, this time capitalist than communist, and people like George Soros are the new Trotskys.
The current West/America is also like the later Soviet Union in the sense that the media, academia, and elite institutions have been so thoroughly taken over by PC, dogma, propaganda, and conformism. At the very least, the early Soviet period had allowed for some degree of dissent, argument, and experimentation. There was Trotsky vs Stalin vs other Bolsheviks. There were differing schools of art and representation. But eventually, one-size-fits-all dogma took hold of the Soviet Union, and the so-called Revolution turned into Resolution. It was as if all the questions were answered and all the differences had been hammered out. Thus, there was no more need for thinkers, writers, reporters, or artists to ever question the dogma of Central Command. Just do as told, say as told, and march along like good comrades. Thus, most things turned into hackwork(though there were exceptions). The current Western Order in academia, media, and state is rather similar. It’s filled with hackwork, hack-talk, and hack-cults by those who’d been raised and trained under hack-instructions. Today’s West combines the worst aspects of both early Bolshevik rule and late Soviet rule. It is ruled by nasty & vicious Jewish elites and run by total hacks without a smidgen of integrity or inspiration. At the very least, the early Soviet period, though ruthless and bloody, allowed for some lively dissent and firebrand controversy(even if only among the communists). And, at the very least, the late Soviet period, though dreary and moribund with inane hack-work all around, was free of Jewish-Zionist control. In contrast, the current West is not only ruled by nasty Jewish-Zionist globalist-supremacists but defined by the utterly mindless hack work of PC commissars made up of either venal Jews or stupid goyim(who’ve drunk the Jew-Globo Kool Aid).

Anyway, in terms of funding and connections, the comparison between Establishment & the Deep State on one side AND the Dissident Voices(especially on the alternative right) on the other is beyond Goliath vs David, even beyond elephant vs jackal, even beyond brontosaurus vs mouse. But size isn’t everything. After all, the venom of a snake can kill a creature much larger. The chemicals from a tiny poisonous frog can kill a human. A bacterial or viral infection can kill the largest beast even though bacteria and viruses are the smallest living creatures. And after the asteroid hit the Earth, it was the tiny mammals that survived to take over the world while the bigger and mightier dinosaurs faded into extinction. Could mammals have won out over the dinosaurs without the asteroid impact? Maybe, maybe not. But the fact is a major disruption(that altered the conditions of adaptation) came to favor one set of organism over another... even though, prior to the asteroid impact, few observers would have bet on tiny mammals inheriting the world. What the fall of dinosaurs and rise of mammals shows us that the Big Power isn’t always brought down by those who gain the power. There could be a Third Factor that seriously compromises the might of the Big Power and serves as catalyst to the events that finally bring it down totally. And then, once the Big Power falls, it may be a free-for-all until the new power arises. This has so often been the case in history. If it weren’t for Byzantine Empire and Persian Empire weakening each other through endless wars, there would have been far less chance for Arab Muslims to gain power over huge swaths of territory. And it would have been difficult for Bolsheviks to come to power if Russian Empire and German Empire hadn’t effectively destroyed one another, thus creating a huge vacuum to be filled by... something. And Mao’s ragtag army was sequestered in some far-flung northwest part of China and had zero chance of taking over China... until a war broke out between Japan and the KMT regime in China. In the end, the US and USSR destroyed Japan, and the KMT, severely weakened by the Japanese onslaught, lacked the means to re-consolidate control over China that fell to fanatical communist troops with high morale. This is why radicals and dissidents who are out-of-power should welcome(at least privately) hugely disruptive events that could very well weaken the support systems of the Big Power and opening up new possibilities to the other side.

Power comes in so many forms. Money can buy lots of things, but it can’t always buy love and respect. A rich white parent may spend lots of money to keep the trust of his children, but he may easily lose them to others who use different forms of influence. After all, why are there all those Romance stories where a woman leaves her rich hubby and runs off with someone else? The hubby may have the cash, but the other guy may have the looks, the charm, the style. A woman can be seduced and taken by a dashing rascal from a rich husband who has the money but no charm. Similarly, even if a white man may have a big house, fancy stuff, and lots of money, his kids can come under the influence of others with much less. Suppose the kids go to college and take a course taught by some radical Jewish professor. The Jew cannot buy the kids but he can infect their minds with an idea that can grow inside their heads like the pod-plants in INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Or, suppose the kids come to love black music. So, even though their dad is much richer than some bluesman or reggae singer, the kids can feel that they have more in common in soulfulness with Negroes than with their rich father. Money can buy lots of things but not affection, love, loyalty, or respect. Indeed, connections based on money end when the money dries up. This is what Michael Corleone understands in THE GODFATHER PART 2. In the end, everyone in the mafia game is a ‘businessman’, and their loyalty is based on money. And even within the family, loyalty and trust can be lost due to factors other than money. After all, Fredo didn’t turn on Michael out of money. It was due to 'respect'. He felt belittled by his younger brother as the head of the Family, and he wanted something for himself to gain some 'respect'. And even though Kay never had to worry about money, she turned on Michael out of her Anglo-American conscience that had just about enough of the 1000 Yr Sicilian Thing. Kay killed the kid.

And even though Jews are immensely rich now, they weren’t always so favorably positioned in American Elite Circles. If money is the ultimate power and begets more money, then Wasps would not have lost what their ancestors had founded and built to Jewish climbers. After all, there was a time when Wasps were far richer and more powerful than Jews. That having been the case, Wasps should have grown richer and richer and more powerful; they should have outpaced Jews indefinitely. But at some point, new generations of Wasps lost their pride & confidence and did little to resist the Rise of Jewish Power. If anything, many were fully onboard in aiding Jewish Power to grow even faster and bigger. They either became intellectual and ideological servants of Jews or figured they had to jump ship to the Jewish Side if they are to remain afloat.
Paradoxically perhaps, one crucial disadvantage of Wasps or Anglo-Americans derived from none other than their long-standing advantage. They had a stronger sense of form, manners, duty, and structure than most peoples. Even though Anglo-Americans became looser in the US, they(especially around New England, once the cultural capital of the US) retained much of the culture of form and manners of the British. This provided the Anglo-world with discipline, work ethic, and moderation, but it also made things a bit cold and rigid. So, for many children of Wasps who went to colleges or hung around swankier parts of big cities, there was allure in Jewish intellectualism or Negro music. Anglos had the form but not the fire. Jewish Thought was more fiery because Jews were wilier and looser in personality, like the Marx Brothers. And Negro culture flowed from energies in the dongs and booties. It offered heat to Anglo frigidity. (The term 'coal-burning' gives credence to this phenom of Anglos turning into Junglos.) So, the white ass that had been trained to be straight and narrow begin to go jiggity-wiggity in the Jazz Age. It just goes to show that even people with relative disadvantage in wealth and connections exert great power by other means(that eventually lead to money power as well; consider Jewish domination of news & Hollywood, and consider Negroes raking in billions with rap music). So many Anglo-American kids sent to elite colleges by rich parents ended up being mind-infected by Jewish radical professors. It also happened to many kids raised by staunch conservatives. Once their minds were infected with radical Jewish intellectual ideas, they began to see their parents as ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’.
And there was also the power of Hollywood. Granted, the Movie Industry was about money. Jews who ran Hollywood were primarily after profits. But movies they produced also created new objects of Idol-worship, and this had a neo-pagan impact on the entire world in terms of which figures and symbols came to be worshiped. Idolatry & Money is far more powerful than mere Money is. Indeed, Idolatry & Million Dollars can win over Billion Dollars minus Idolatry. The power of money can buy lots of loyalty. But the loyalty depends on cash flow. Once the flow stops, loyalty vanishes into the air. Someone who works hard for Microsoft will turn against it if he can make more at Facebook or Google. It’s all about the Money. In contrast, Idolatry or Iconography clings to the person who is ‘infected’ with its fever or aura. If a Jew keeps handing you $100 bills, you will serve him as long as he keeps giving you the dough. Once the money stops, you no longer care to serve him. It’s like taking tips. You only care about the money. But suppose a Jew doesn’t give you money but shows you a movie with a Mountain-Sized-Negro-Who-Loves-a-Little-White-Mouse and is supposed to be like a negrovah(Negro-as-jehovah) and black jesus rolled into one. Or suppose the Jew shows you TV ads or music videos in which white women are especially attracted to Negro men as the new idol-studs of manhood. The image may become ‘incepted’ into your mind, and you may henceforth worship the Negro as a holy creature or ‘badass’ hero no matter where you live and work, no matter with whom you are with. And you may even impart this sham-iconography of the sacro-negro or electro-ultra-‘nigga’ to your own kids as the essence of what ‘Western Culture’ and ‘Western Values’ are all about. This is why religious power has been so resilient. Even though Romans whupped the Jews and crushed the early Christians, the spiritual power of Jews outlasted the Romans, and the spiritual creed of early Christians came to infect the minds of Roman elites who eventually spread it far and wide for all subjects of the Empire.

At any rate, there is the question of What-Is-To-Be-Done in the Dissident Right, the Alt Right, and the Left-Right. After all, the most censored, marginalized, denounced, and persecuted movement in the West is that of the Dissident Right(smeared as ‘far right’ by Jew-run media). Even though the Real Left is also out of power, it is still allowed to have its niches in the academia. Even though Marxists and Leninists have zero power in government, economy, and culture, they are allowed to do their thing in the academia. No professor or student will be hounded from the academia for still clinging to Marxism, even of the Stalinist or Maoist kind. And even though globalism has no use for men like Noam Chomsky, they hold vaunted positions in the academia and are sometimes invited to speak in highly respected institutions(without crazed students and antifa disrupting events). And among the bottom-feeders, Antifa goons are allowed to run riot with minimal consequences. We saw from what happened at Charlottesville that elements of the Far Left are allowed far greater leeway to do as they please. Indeed, they are even enabled by the Establishment to serve as neo-Janissary goons against the Dissident Right and Alt Right(though to be sure, certain elements of the Dissident/Alt Right are too close for comfort with Neo-Nazi types). So, the Dissident Right would seem to be the most powerless and disadvantaged voice in the West. And it is worse in Canada, where Dissident Rightist views are effectively outlawed. And in the EU, people could very well end up in prison for saying what the Dissident Right says in the US. In the US, they take away your payment system, get you fired from work — so much for "no discrimination based on race, color, or creed" — , intimidate you with ‘lawfare’, and get you attacked in the street by Antifa thugs. But they can’t throw you in prison just for expressing an idea.

That being the case, ‘what is to be done?’, we ask. This is not an easy question to answer, but we should start with the fact that, in the Current Year, the Lies are expensive whereas the Truth is free. American Renaissance made just this point about itself in relation to SPLC. American Renaissance is a modest operation that runs on a small budget. Most people are afraid to donate to it because they can lose jobs, privilege, and wealth IF it’s exposed that they donated even $20 to a man like Jared Taylor. (In contrast, even the most murderous Judeo-Nazi Zionist Imperialist can donate millions to any ultra-Jewish-supremacist organization and suffer no consequences; if anything, he will likely be praised by both parties and ass-kissed by the Deep State.) Also, the Jews who run the payment systems have denied service to American Renaissance, making it difficult for the Dissident Right to raise money. In contrast, Jews can donate as much as they want to Zionist-Imperialist organizations like ADL and Jewish-Supremacist organizations like AIPAC. Never mind Zionists are killing Palestinians in Gaza. Never mind World Jewry recruited Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off a coup against a democratically elected government. Never mind Israel illegally shoots missiles into Syria and has given support to ISIS Death Squads that have carried out horrendous atrocities against Christian Arabs. Jews can get away with donating to Judeo-Nazi organizations because they control the Media, the State, and the court of public opinion. Therefor, while there is great stigma in being associated with a ‘white supremacist’ like Jared Taylor, there is no shame in pouring tons of money into Jewish-Supremacist mass-killers and lunatics. As Jews control the media, Jewish Supremacism is simply called ‘support for Israel, our greatest ally’. Such slogans have been drilled into our heads so many times that we echo them without thinking... like how the men in MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE mindless repeat a certain line without reflection:

Still, consider the fact that, despite its lavish funding, SPLC's website hardly gets more visits than American Renaissance that operates on a shoestring budget: AmRen vs. SPLC And despite its huge cash-pile, I highly doubt if anyone gives a crap about what Heritage Foundation is saying either. If anything, Heritage Foundation isn’t really about honest discussion of Conservative Ideas as about taking money from donors to mold the new crop of would-be ‘conservatives’ into hacks and toadies of the Establishment. It doesn’t invite people to offer fresh ideas but to either consent to the status quo or sell out their core conservative principles to serve the New Normal, such as ‘Gay Marriage is about family values’ or ‘Israel did nothing wrong even when aiding ISIS death squads against Christian Arabs’.
Same goes for AIPAC. Does anyone really believe anything said at AIPAC conferences? Does anyone join AIPAC or attend any of its seminars to learn anything real about Israel? Of course not. People join AIPAC for the same reason why most people now join the military: Career Opportunity. Since Jew Inc. pays well, people try to join AIPAC to get a foothold into the world of Power and Privilege. If Jews were dirt poor whereas Arab-Americans were the super-rich overlords of the US, I suspect many more people would be joining pro-Arab organizations. The fact that AIPAC is about power than the truth has been made plain-as-day by AIPAC organizers themselves. They openly admit that they are only interested in people with elevated credentials. It’s smart thinking from the viewpoint of power because the crucial power of any functioning society resides at the top. AIPAC doesn’t bother with persuading or recruiting community college students or people with high-school degrees. It looks for those who attended the better kinds of schools. In this, AIPAC is like any corporation or organization that seeks talent. The problem with this approach for an organization like AIPAC is that it claims to stand for truth and justice about Israel. But if AIPAC is all about using money to win over talent to shill for Israel, what does it have to do with truth or justice? At the very least, people who sell soda pop or cosmetics don’t pretend their products have moral value. In contrast, AIPAC pretends to sell a moral argument as it scouts around for more non-Jewish shills to serve the cause of Judeo-Nazism. Because it is such a sham, even those who sign on must realize, at some point, that they are just dirty shameless whores of Zion. Then, as their cynicism grows, they realize that the ONLY reason for continuing to sing to the AIPAC tune is for the money. This seems like a great advantage to AIPAC as Jews got more money than they can spend, but it’s also a disadvantage because there is no real love for or trust in AIPAC. It’s just a Pimp Operation that runs a stable of whores who just do it for the money.

The Mass Media, organizations like AIPAC, Deep State institutions like CIA-NSA-FBI, and PC-fearful academia have lots of money, but they are selling a Lie, not least because Jews rule the West and fear the truth lest their perfidious role be exposed for all to see. So, Jews need to keep pushing the Lie, but people are generally not willing to tell lies unless they are paid to do so or forced to do so. When forced to do so, they go along but feel resentment. When paid to do so, they feel cynical and no real conviction to the crap they have to spout off ever so often. Sure, out of sheer desperation, some of these agents of PC pretend to sincerely believe in the nonsense they are peddling, but the effect is emotionally draining, personally embarrassing, or ultimately maddening. It’s like the Claude Rains character lies and lies in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON but feels sick about it at the end.

Sure, the PC has been coded so that anyone who defies Jewish Supremacism and rejects White Submissivism is tagged with ‘hate’ and ‘far right’, whereas anyone who sucks up to Judeo-Nazi supremacists who wage Wars for Israel and gun down innocent Palestinians is praised as being on the side of angels. Also, PC has idolized Jews, Homos, and blacks as the Holy Three. For all its BS about equality, PC favors Jews over Palestinians, blacks over non-blacks(except Jews and Homos), and Homos over real-sexuals. Indeed, PC says the term ‘pride’ is now synonymous with homo fecal penetration. So, PC isn’t about right vs wrong. It’s not about good or bad. It’s about mindless and servile worship of certain groups who are deemed so iconographically holy that they are right even when wrong. And those who displease these groups are wrong even when they are right. That’s how PC morality works. It’s about morality-by-identity or grace-by-face. If you have the right ID, you’re always right. If you have the wrong ID, you’re always wrong.

The Establishment has tremendous power and wealth to push this PC, but utterly absurd nonsense cannot sustain itself indefinitely. It can only continue with the support of massive funding, endless promotion, and non-stop hyperbole and rapture. The Lie is effective only as a very expensive and elaborate lie. And that is the Achilles' Heel of the Power. As their prestige is based on the Lie, they must spend immense sums and use all sorts of tricks to persuade the elites and fool the masses.

In contrast, the Truth is free. It costs nothing. All it takes is to see reality, process reality, and speak honestly about reality. Granted, the truth may be costly in robbing you of friends, career, and payment systems. Still, it doesn’t cost anything to speak the Truth, especially in the internet age. In contrast, it costs plenty to sell the Lie. Also, when truth-tellers are punished for speaking the truth that more and more people wake up to, it becomes ever more difficult and expensive for the Power to perpetuate the Lie with yet more money and manipulation. The law of diminishing returns sets in. Money can buy a lot of things, but everything has limits. Indeed, we saw this in the GOP primaries in 2016. Jeb Bush was the favored candidate with the Republican Establishment, and he started the campaign with the biggest war chest. But no matter how much his BS was pushed by the Power, it went nowhere because the Base just about had enough of listening to the globalist cuckservatives who’d done nothing but sell the US down the river while those on the top got theirs from the Globo-Homo trough.

Because, against the power of the Expensive Lie, the Free Truth is the most potent and effective weapon for those without the power, it is absolutely important for the truth-tellers to stick to the truth. They must keep with integrity, honesty, and courage. One thing they may NOT do is counter the Big Lie with more lies. This is where the Alt Right went terribly wrong in associating with 14/88 and Neo-Nazi types who are filled with lies of their own. Even as they attack Jewish Supremacism and PC distortion of history, they spout nonsense about ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ or ‘Holocaust didn’t happen’ and other tripe.
Indeed, there is nothing dumber than the Free Lie. At the very least, the Expensive Lie has the means to fool enough people via media monopoly and manipulation. In contrast, the Free Lie or the Cheap Lie doesn’t even have the means to convince anyone. For those without the power, their best bet for winning hearts and minds is with the Free Truth. While Truth may be off-putting and offensive to those accustomed to PC, when articulated clearly, sensibly, rationally, and factually, it has the power to win over more and more people. As Free Truth lacks the power of fireworks, it can only offer the fire. And the fire, if good and real, has the power to gradually spread far and wide. In contrast, the Big Lie must rely on endless displays of fireworks that may look impressive but don’t amount to a plate of beans. The media and deep state spent tremendous sums to push the Russia-Hacking Narrative. But fewer and fewer people are buying it.

In the story of the EMPEROR’S NEW CLOTHES, the emperor has huge sums to fool the masses into thinking that he’s clothed in wonderful new material. It’s all about the Expensive Lie. In contrast, the boy offers the Free Truth. The boy’s observation is shocking and off-putting to many at first, but gradually people begin to catch on. We are so enthralled with power and status that, too often, we tend to trust Establishment sources as the authoritative voice of the truth. Also, especially because the 20th century witnessed the conflict between Liberal Democracies and totalitarian regimes of both the Far Right and Far Left, we are prone to think that we are living in a world of freedom and truth. After all, the Liberal West defeated both the Far Right and the Far Left that were tyrannical and repressive. Now, it was true enough that there was more freedom and truth in liberal democracies than in Nazi Germany and Soviet Union, BUT that doesn’t mean Liberal Democracies are fundamentally free or honest. It only means they are freer and more honest compared to radical orders. A habitual liar is more honest than a compulsive liar, but he is still a liar. (The great Jewish accomplishment in Liberal Democracies since the end of the Cold War was in turning democracies almost as repressive and deceitful as totalitarian regimes of old. Jews may gain in the short-term but may well lose out in the long-term, not least because their hypocrisies are becoming so obvious. The very Jews who ranted endlessly about the Red Scare are now throwing tantrums about the totally fictional Russia Hacking fantasy. At least the Red Scare was grounded in reality as there had been many Soviet agents in the US government. But many radicals in the 40s and 50s were Jews, so the Jewish Narrative made anti-communists the bad guys. But now that Jews hate Russia, even the most ridiculous paranoia about Russia is fair game 24/7 via the Jew-run media.) So, the End of History with triumph of Liberal World Order isn’t necessarily a victory of freedom and honesty. It only opened the way for the Endgame of History. Also, if indeed the Grand History of the Battle of Ideas came to an end with the collapse of the Soviet Union, then it means the new terms of Global Conflict are about something else than 'ideas'. What? The fundamental truth of the Global World Order in the Current Year is that it’s about the Empire of Judea(EOJ) against all of humanity that are pitted against one another so that Jews can play divide and rule over all of humanity.

For the Dissident Right, there is the power of Free Truth, which is effective because the Internet has been the great equalizer. A successful youtube vlogger can have wider reach than a columnist for NYT or the Washington Post. He may lack the august credentials bestowed by the Ivies or the Deep State, but he has truth, courage, and honesty on his side. He may not be correct about everything, but at least he is speaking without fear or favor, which is impossible in the Big Media, Academia, Deep State, and etc. where even a slightly 'insensitive' remark about homo neo-aristos can land one in hot water.
Of course, the Powers-that-be know and fear this about the Internet. That's why it is so important for Jews that they have ethno-monopoly or Ziopoly over financial instruments and platforms so that when, push comes to shove, they can shut down everyone. And many people have been taken off Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube by Jews. Colin Flaherty who unflinchingly exposed the truth about black criminality has been banned from Youtube. He is now on, though Google Search tries to hide the site:
Palestinian freedom fighters have been taken off Facebook. But the thing is Judeo-Nazis cannot shut down everyone. And every time they shut someone down, more people realize WHO HAS THE REAL POWER as the word gets out that JEWS SHUT DOWN ANOTHER VOICE. Indeed, many people have now come to associate ADL with censorship. They know that SPLC is a Jew-funded Hate Group that goes after anyone who stands against the Zio-Globo-Homo agenda.

Dissident Rightists and Palestinian Freedom Fighters can be creative. Consider how Alt Right voices are not welcome in colleges. But, Alt Right figures can make speeches to colleges online. They don't have to actually visit a college. For instance, Richard Spencer can announce that he will give a speech to Harvard. It doesn't matter if Harvard won't invite him. He can put his Speech-to-Harvard on one of many video platforms. And then, he can target another college for a 'guerrilla tour'. After all, Jews didn't change America by going from town to town, door to door, like Jewish peddlers of old. Jews just gained control of media and beamed their electronic signals to TV's in every home. Free Truth is the most potent weapon in the Internet Age against Expensive Lie. Just be sure not to speak the Free Lie.