Saturday, May 6, 2017

Muslim-Jewish Alliance Owes to Immigration. Muslims will betray anything to gain access to the West and the Easy Life.

How amusing to witness the rise of Zionist-Muslim alliance in the US.

I find this curious. Trump, sincere or not, condemned Bush's WMD lies and Iraq War. He condemned Obama and Hillary as destroyers of Libya and enablers of ISIS. He said he would work for greater stability and peace in the region. In other words, less Invade, less Intervention.

In contrast, Hillary was threatening WWIII with Russia over Syria, which means Middle East will blow up more.

Now, you'd think most Muslims would side with Trump over Hillary. And I think they would have.... if not for the issue of immigration.

Suppose US has been zero-immigration forever and took in no one. Then, Muslims have no hope of entering the US. Under those circumstances, I think most Muslims in their own world would have preferred Trump over Hillary. They would have agreed with the position of the Alt-Right and Paleo-Con types who call for no more wars. They would have reviled Neocons, Zionists, and Liberal Interventionists.

So, why do so many Muslims(there and here) side with the very Americans(Neocons, Liberal Zionists, Democracy-pushers, hawks, New-Cold-Warriors, etc) who are most hellbent on wreaking more havoc in the Muslim World? Why do they fear America First more than America Thirst(for oil and domination)?

Even though Alt-Right, Paleocons, and America-Firsters are more likely to be for peace and non-intervention, they are also likely to be more anti-immigration.
For Muslims, entry into the West is like a drug. They want it and crave it, indeed so much so that they will side with the very people who are doing most to destroy the Muslim World.

In a way, America/West has a narco-drug effect on all the world. These non-white folks seeking access to the West will join with ANY SIDE that plays the role of pusher-of-the-'dream'. It's like an addict will neglect his own house, family, and kids to get another fix of that smack or crack from the dealer.

Desire to go where the mammoths are(white wealth is mammoth meat to the world) distorts all values. It was the desire to go to America that made Fabrizio betray Michael in THE GODFATHER. He didn't personally hate Michael or his bride. But he wanted to go to America so badly that he was willing to betray the very people who'd hired him.

This craving for the Invite-Smack makes even Muslims form an alliance with Zionists and Neocon War-mongers. Also, despite their noises about Islam and Middle Eastern pride, they prefer white rule over rule under their own cousin-humping tardo-kind.
People do care about tribe and culture, but they are still organisms and prefer the Good Life, the place where the mammoths are. This is true of anyone. Suppose one had to choose between one's homeland where it's hot, dry, and requires lots of work to get by AND another land where the temperature is nice and fruits grow in abundance on trees. One's cultural sense might cling to the homeland out of loyalty and heritage, but one's organismic self will want to go to the land of mangoes. This is true of animals in the wild. They go where the plants, game, and water are. Among humans, it's somewhat different because humans don't just live off on nature like their primitive ancestors did. Humans build own economies, and it just so happens that whites have proven most adept at creating the best economies and most functional systems. (Even if non-whites face discrimination, they still live in a stable and orderly world where whites do things right. So, even left-overs and crumbs from whites are more than what they get in their own homelands where they are not subject to discrimination but still have little since everyone does a crappy job of running things.) Indeed, it's amusing that so many Third Worlders head to Sweden, a cold dark part of the world with long winters(much of it in total darkness). So, why go there? Cuz whites build, manage, and run good economies there that non-whites cannot manage even in nicer parts with more natural resources, good climate, and etc.

Because white hav the midas-touch, they were drawn to worlds with nothing in the Age of Empire. Whites could go to South America, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, and etc and build something from nothing. Even the great Chinese civilization was amazed by what the British could do with Hong Kong almost overnight. Turn a muddy island into a booming city overnight.
But the Age of Empire eventually came to an end. And whites were forced to go back to Europe from many parts of the world. And for a time, non-whites believed they could do just as well as whites by building up their own nations... but only a few nations succeeded in this. And so, lacking the midas touch, the ONLY way they could have the good life was by going to white nations. So, we are now in the Age of Demographic Empire. Reverse-imperialism, this time the migration of people without the midas touch heading to the lands of people with the midas touch.

The notable exception has been Israel. If post-war migration has mostly been about non-whites trying to go to white nations, Israel was a concerted effort among Jews to favor cultural obligations over organismic wants. Materially, any Jew is better off in Europe or US than in hot and dry tiny Israel. But the call of culture inspired many Jews to settle in the Holy Land and defend it. But then, Jews, like white gentiles, are another people with the midas touch, able to turn nothing into something. Jews know this, and Jews know others want what they got, so they erect barriers to keep their mammoths to themselves. But Jews in America fear that their mammoth might be taken by white gentiles one day. So, Jews welcome more immigrants so that diverse gentiles will squabble over the white mammoth meat than salivate after the Jewish mammoth meat.

Things were much simpler right after WWII. Back then, neither the US nor Europe allowed immigration from the Third World. So, people in the Third World thought in terms of 'kick out imperialists' and 'do whatever boosts our power and sovereignty'. But ever since the West opened its door to immigration, the priority of so many in the non-West is going to the West than fixing and building their own nations.

It's like how the slave trade distorted the economies of West Africa. While slave trade had always been a fixture among black Africans, the tremendous amount of wealth to be made from the Atlantic Slave Trade made so many blacks drop everything to capture other blacks to sell to whites. Things got so bad that the Africans sacrificed humans to crocodile gods to stall the decline.

It's also like any gold rush. People hear about get-rich-quick opportunity and drop everything to look for gold. All these non-whites are addicted to White Rush. White lands are where the mammoths are, and it is the quickest and easiest way for them to attain anything in life. It might take a lifetime or many generations(or never) for many parts of the non-West to achieve western levels of success. But if you go to the West, they offer you sanctuary, benefits, favors, protection, housing, welfare, and etc. Also, there are lots of self-hugging white holier-than-thouers who will defend you and even elevate to saint status.

In the US, Jewish power is undeniable. Jewish power may be less powerful in EU, but Holocaust Worship is much stronger there than here. Also, EU nations are essentially servant-states of the US, and their intellectuals and bureaucrats take cues from ideas emanating from Harvard and Yale and US media.

Anyway, all this highfalutin talk of 'liberty', 'inclusion', 'diversity', 'proposition', and etc. is all BS. It is hunger for mammoth meat. It is organismic. After all, why such emphasis on the West to live up to such higher ideals? Because they got the mammoth. If all of the US was one giant Detroit, would Jews or Muslims or any other people care if US was a 'proposition nation' or not?

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