Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Why is Jewish Power so Obsessed about Trump & Russia? It's Jewish Globalist Supremacism vs Gentile Nationalist Sovereignty

It’s like killing the Czar and his family in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO.

The old man(played by Ralph Richardson) wonders why the Bolsheviks had to take it that far. And Zhivago explains that the Bolsheviks did it send a clear message that ‘there is no going back’.
Russia was then in the throes of the Civil War between the Reds and the Whites. Reds held the cities whereas Whites held the countryside. But the Reds had mass support as well since so many Russians had gotten tired of the disaster of WWI and economic desperation. To the masses, the Whites represented the Old World of privilege. Still, the Whites had considerable support among conservatives, clergy, traditionalists, and moderates who grew alarmed by Red violence.

Today, the globalists see the World in terms of a Grand Struggle. It is between Jewish-Homo Globalism and Nationalism. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages.

Globalism’s power derives from the US, the lone super-power that is in neo-imperialist footing. As US is controlled by Jews, globalism is essentially a Jewish project. Given globalism’s aggression and interference, many nations ought to be opposed to it, and indeed many are, and even many that are on-board have second thoughts about it.

So, why does globalism have such a great influence around the world?
One is bribery. As the US is the richest nation, it can offer bribes and sweet deals to elites around the world that will comply. So, if the US promises sweet deals for nations if they cave to homomania, they often do.
Also, even nations that cling to national sovereignty go along, at least halfway, with the globalist project since their wealth depends on global trade. China is a good example. China has a genuinely independent government(unlike Japan), but it relies on the globalist system of trade as devised by the US and EU. Also, despite all the problems of the US and EU, those parts of the world still have best-managed, most innovative, and most productive economies. The problem of BRICS nation is there is too much corruption, incompetence, and inefficiency among them.

Also, because the US media dominate world information and because US academia train so many elites of other nations, many elites become mental-colonized by globalist PC. Most elites around the world aren’t particularly bright or original. So, when they come to the US to study, they soak up all the dogma and cliches and spout them like robots. Some do it sincerely, some do it opportunistically to belong to the globo-Elysium Club.

But globalism also has big weaknesses. Ironically, its great power is also its Achilles Heel. It is now so powerful and all-pervasive around the world that ‘globalism’ has negative connotations. Also, even in the world center of globalism, there are many who feel that it isn’t good for the world or for most Americans. It’s only good for the elites and upper classes centered around few key cities. Also, there have been rising populist tensions in the EU. European Union began as a something for Europeans Only. But over time, globalism remade it into what is now effectively European-African-Muslim Union. Globalism says that Europeans must welcome replacism by ‘New Europeans’ from the Third World. If a European nation wants to preserve its borders and identity, it is now demeaned as ‘far right’, ‘extreme’, and ‘white supremacist’ by globalism.
Also, more and more people are waking up to the fact that globalism isn’t about all peoples around the world gaining equal recognition and value but all peoples coming under the same set of ‘values’ such as homomania and same narrow expressions of culture, such as rap music and Hollywood comic book franchise movies.

Given all the problems of globalism and its elite-centrism, why would so many ordinary people support the globalist project? Among non-whites, there is ONE REASON: the chance to immigrate to richer white nations. If not for that option, they would oppose globalism as a threat to their national sovereignty. But with the bait of immigration-to-the-West, non-white masses are more than willing to work with globalist elites to move to white nations, live off white wealth, and hump white women.
I mean Muslims have NO REASON to support globalism that is about Wars for Israel, spread of homomania, and US aggression. So, why do so many Muslims go along? Because they are obsessed with the dream of moving to the West. They know that Western Nationalists oppose immigration whereas Western globalists promote it. So, for material self-interest, they collaborate with globalists. And globalist elites know this. They know that mass support for globalism around the world will diminish UNLESS the non-white masses can be enticed with the chance of moving to the West. That is why 95% of Muslims in France voted for Macron. They may hate Western policies against the Muslim World. They may despise Homomania. But the fact is Macron wants more immigration-invasion whereas LePen wants to slow it down or even end it.

Okay, we can now understand why Western/Jewish elites and non-white masses go with globalism. But why would white masses in white nations support globalism when it’s so anti-white? The fact that Macron got 65% of the vote means that he had majority support from whites as well. Also, 56% of young people voted for Macron. Why would so many white masses support globalism when it will demographically displace them? Well, many white masses were raised on PC education and Pop Culture. So, they’ve been made to sincerely believe that white identity and interests are evil. Also, Pop Culture has normalized Diversity, so that any idea of a White Europe or White Nation now seems wrong. The New Europe MUST BE Diverse. Also, the Western Left is based on virtue-signaling and feeling holier-than-thou. Due to dominance of PC, many white masses have been made to feel that the ONLY way they can feel morally justified and superior is by hugging Diversity and hating ‘white racism’. Today, even the desire of white nations to remain white is deemed ‘racist’.

Even white conservatives have been put on the moral defensive by PC’s diversity-mongering. So, the most that white conservatives can do is call for ‘civic nationalism’ and patriotic diversity. Morally disadvantaged, the Western Right can only play defense and can never be on the offensive. If indeed Diversity is such a wonderful thing, one is naturally relegated to moral inferiority IF one wants less of it. Since even the Conservatives chanted the mantra of ‘diversity is our strength’ over and over, they’ve fallen into a moral trap. If diversity is so good, how can they call for limits on immigration that will increase wonderful diversity? Also, since the end of WWII, the reigning narrative has been that there is nothing worse than ‘white racism’. So, even white masses who are deeply anxious about Diversity feel morally unclean if they were to express their views. According to Official PC, any desire on the part of whites to maintain a white community is a ‘far right’ and ‘racist’.

Globalism is essentially a War between Jewish elites & their collaborator comprador gentile elites AND white masses of traditional white nations. Jews have targeted such nations since bulk of Jewish wealth and power are concentrated there. Even though Jewish Power is a worldwide phenomenon, its nerve center is still in the West. Without that control of White Nations, Jewish power around the world in Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America would be shaky. So, Jewish control of the West is key to control of the Rest. And in order for Jews to control the West, whereupon Jewish-globalist interests always trump white-nationalist-interests, the white folks of the West must be taught that THERE IS NO GOING BACK. Just like the Reds killed the Czar and his family to send a message to Whites that there is no going back, Jewish-Globalists want to send a demoralizing message to white nationalists/populists that there is no going back: White identity, white interests, and white power are OVER forever. Whites must serve Jews.

Now, one might argue that Jews could be dominant forces in the West purely on meritocracy without diversity. After all, following WWII and the Holocaust, whites rejected antisemitism and became supportive of Jews, even aiding Zionists in the creation of Israel. And Jews gained rapid success in EU and especially in the US since the 60s, even gaining elite power. So, why would Jews need Diversity?
It’s because Jews fear that the Holocaust guilt-trip will eventually wear off. Jews fear that increasing Jewish power will lead to Jewish corruption and abuses, and over times, whites will grow angry and become ‘antisemitic’ once again. To prevent such, Jews need Diversity so that the divided and contentious bunch of gentiles won’t be able to unite against Jewish Power(no matter how arrogantly or abusively it behaves); due to chutzpah and the nature of Jewish personality, Jews know they can’t resist being overzealous in their power-grabbing and power-mongering; so, ‘antisemitism’ is mostly likely to return, indeed even for valid and justifiable reasons; so, if such a day were to come, the only way to secure Jewish Power is to have diverse goyim be so angry with one another that they won’t be able to unite against Jewish Domination.

Diversity is an effective way to weaken and destroy white identity politics. If masses of whites are taught from a young age that they must serve Diversity above all, it means whites must put white interests in the back-burner while favoring Diversity. Now, whites serving Diversity may not always align with whites serving Jewish interests. We see this with the BDS movement where some whites support Diversity(that of Palestinians) against Jewish-Zionist power. Nevertheless, Cult of Diversity means that whites must always put non-white interests before white interests, and that suppresses the chance of White Power, the only power that Jews fear as the potential challenge to Jewish domination in the West.

How does Russia factor into this? Russia was on the path toward being just another part of the Jewish Empire. Indeed, Jews came so very close. And if Jews had prevailed, their power would have been unbreakable. Just think. Jews control the US that controls the EU. Russia is a vast land with immense resources. If Jews gain control of that as well, they got it made forever. Also, control of Russia means control of Central Asia and part of the Middle East as “Russia’s sphere of influence”.
But Russia slipped out of the fingers of Jews. To be sure, it’s still not game over. Russia still has powerful globalist-elements. And even though Putin rolled back globalists, he needs them to run much of the economy since they have the connections and knowledge. So, the future of Russia is unsure. Still, there has been a revival of Russian nationalism that makes Russian identity and interests at the center of Russian politics. Also, Russian nationalism isn’t apologetic like the national politics of so many Western nations. I mean, why does Canada and Ireland have Black History Months when they had few blacks in their nations? Afromania, like Homomania, is a cultural imperialist tool of the Jews. Jews are trying to make ALL WHITE NATIONS celebrate Diversity over National Identity and Degeneracy over Decency as the New Normal of Morality. Canada and Ireland have become just tools of Zionist-US empire.
But Russia won’t be having ‘gay pride month’ and ‘black history month’ anytime soon. While Russia isn’t racialist in its nationalism, it does have a proud and unapologetic sense of national pride and heritage. Russians don’t believe that Russians exist primarily to serve non-Russians, which is in contrast to the Western PC Ideal that whites exist mainly to serve non-whites: White lands exist to take in tons of non-white immigrants. White wombs exist to make black babies. White minds exist to serve globalism. White soldiers exist to fight Wars for Israel. White Death exists to make room for non-white bodies.

In the Global-Civil-War, Russia still resists the Zio-Globalist hegemony of US and its vassal entity of the EU. What Jews fear most is that the Russian Example may spread and inspire other white nations to put national interest at the center of their ideology, politics, culture, and conviction. It will mean each native population of European nations putting their own people, culture, and land above others. If white gentiles begin to feel this way, they may not only push out the Muslims and Africans… but may come to see Jewish elites in their midst also as outsiders.
Also, the die has been cast already to the point where it’s difficult for Jews to reverse their position. Jewish globalists have thrown their lot so much on the side of globalism and cult of Diversity that it’s now a game of WIN or LOSE. Sometimes, when you go ALL IN, it’s hard to moderate your position.
It’s like Hitler could moderate his relations with Stalin prior to the invasion. It was an uneasy alliance between Germany and USSR, but there was peace and things could be worked out by compromise based on mutual respect and mutual recognition of the other’s legitimacy. But once Hitler went all out and invaded Russia in June of 1941, it was WIN or LOSE. The die was cast.
There was a time when Jews had been more cautious, both pushing for more diversity and mindful of white national concerns. But over time, Jews decided to throw caution to the wind, and go ALL OUT in their war on whiteness. Jews have gone Full Tim Wise. It was perfectly encapsulated by the Newsweek cover of the Obama Conquest over the White Race.


So, all this stuff about Russia-collusion and Russia-hacking is baloney. Jews don’t believe in any of it. So, why are they peddling such nonsense? It’s all part of the Global-vs-National War in which Jews see Russia as the most dangerous example for white gentile nations. And Brexit and election of Trump got Jews very worried.
Now, why should Jews worry about rise of nationalism when Jews are doing just fine in Russia-gone-nationalist? Because Jews want supremacism, not just privilege and wealth. Jews feel that ONLY SUPREMACISM can guarantee Jewish power and wealth forever. After all, Russia is a nation where Jewish power and wealth can be taken away if indeed Putin decided to throw in his lot with ultra-nationalists with anti-Jewish bent. So, Jewish riches in Russia depends on the magnanimity and Machiavellian caution of Putin(who fear repercussions of Jewish globalist power if he were to move against Jews). The fact that Putin was able to bring down Khodorovsky means that, theoretically at least, he can bring down any Jewish oligarch who gets too out of hand. So, rich Jews in Russia aren’t so assured of their position as rich Jews in the US who are protected by the entire network of power from Wall Street to legal courts to Deep State. Jews have the Putin-like power x 1000 in the US. They are untouchable. Even with the election of a nationalist-populist president, Trump has been hemmed in on all sides by Jewish power and its agents.

But Trump is a savvy and unpredictable player, and there’s no telling what he might really do. He’s not like the pliable puppet that Rubio or Jeb Bush would have been. Trump likes to play the role of Lord of Chaos, and Jews fear that he may have some cards up his sleeve.
Anyway, if Trump comes to an understanding with Russia and forges good ties, it means NATO will weaken. And that means US control over EU will weaken as well, as NATO will be perceived as obsolete and irrelevant. Less US hegemony over EU could mean the breakup of EU or the rise of nationalism in the absence of US domination. And then, the globalist project may be threatened with the emergence of politics that are more national-centric. When people of a nation put nationalist interest above globalist interest, it means they will favor native majority interest over minority interests such as those of Jews whose world power is really more reliant on global networking than national roots and foundations.

This is what all this Russia Stuff is about. No Jew believes in all this stuff about hacking or collusion. The Jewish-controlled Big Media just keep putting it out there so as to vilify Russia. If Russia is cast as the Grand Villain, it will be difficult for Trump to do anything constructive with Russia. He will be denounced as COLLUDING with the Enemy.
So, this hysteria is not about what Trump or Russia might or might not have done. It’s about preventing what they MIGHT DO as friendly nations. It is to rig the game so that US cannot have friendly ties with Russia.

But then, this trick should be familiar to the American Right that used to castigate ANY attempt by Democrats toward friendlier ties with the USSR as ‘going easy on communism’. And when Reagan finally decided to work for peace with Gorbachev, there were plenty of Cold Warriors who did everything to derail the deal by accusing Reagan of going senile, weak, or stupid in trusting the Evil Empire.

It’s like what James-Wood-as-Haldeman says in Oliver Stone's NIXON.

Excuse me … Are you talking about
recognizing China, Mr. President?
That would cost us our strongest

No … I can do this because I’ve
spent my whole career building anti
Communist credentials.

If Johnson or Kennedy tried it, they’d
have crucified them, and rightfully

It’s damned risky, Mr. President. Why
don’t we wait till the second term?

Anyway, Jews are looking for the KILL-THE-CZAR moment with Trump to send the message that There Is No Going Back. They want to do something so powerful and shocking so that there is no chance of Trump working with Russia on a friendly basis and altering the ties.
As Jewish Power put all the eggs in the globalist basket, any chance that Russian nationalism might inspire other nationalism in white nations is an alarming development to Jews.
Now, Jews will support little nationalism against Big Nationalism. So, Jews supported Ukrainian nationalism against Russia, indeed even going so far as to work with Neo-Nazi elements. Though Jews hate Ukrainian nationalism too, they see it as useful for the time being against the more challenging Russian one. Also, whereas Russian nationalism is self-sufficient, Jews know that Ukrainian nationalism would collapse without US-EU support as there is no meaningful internal unity or core identity among Ukrainians. Of course, to mask the far-right aspect of Ukrainian Nationalism, Jews urged the new government to put on a homo parade there so as to sell US involvement in Ukraine as Project-Tolerance.

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